11 Birmingham foodie Instagram accounts to give a follow

foodie 2 scaled 11 Birmingham foodie Instagram accounts to give a follow
Fair warning: Have a snack before reading this! Photo by Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

Finding local eats is one of our favorite pastimes. We’re lucky to live in a city with such a diverse food scene and even luckier to have people share their experience before we make the drive. We rounded up some Birmingham foodie accounts to give us all the meal inspo we could ever need.

1. @eatingthroughthe205

If the username didn’t already explain things, this food blogger plans to eat and drink her way through the local food scene. Every post will have your mouth-watering and making plans to grab a bite with friends.

2. @hungrycouplebham

I never knew someone could love food more than me, but this article continues to prove me wrong. Say hello to Chloe and Noah, a couple that loves to eat at local restaurants almost every day. I know this because Chloe and I are best friends on Snapchat and we’ve known each other since middle school. If you ever want to grab a bite, there’s a good chance that she’ll always say yes.

Chloe and Noah love to support local businesses whenever they can and since Birmingham’s food scene is constantly growing, they always have something new to try. You can likely find them at Back Forty, Ono Poke or Domestique grabbing a pour-over and croissant.

It started off as a joke where I would say, “phone eats first”, but when people would reply to my stories and ask where the food is from, I decided that the best way to document everything would be to start a food Instagram account”.

Chloe | @hungrycouplebham

3. @stellaoliviabites

We always knew food could be aesthetically pleasing, but Stella and Olivia’s posts hit it out of the park every time. If I ever need some inspo of where to go, there’s a good chance I’m visiting their profile.


Hillary has a love for anything Birmingham—breweries, UAB football and eating anything she can get her hands on in the 205 area code. Even her mom knew she was a natural-born foodie when she was 7 years old and ordering crab legs bigger than her while on vacation.

Recently, she’s been loving some new additions to the area like Helen and Monday Night Brewing.

“Food has always been my greatest hobby, so I wanted to start my account the day I saw the first food blogging account on Instagram. I was too scared people would think it was absurd so I sat with the username for 4 months before I actually started posting on it”.

Hilary | @hilbitesbham

5. @surgeon_foodie

This foodie traveled all the way from Southern California and eventually ended up in the Magic City to attend UAB. Who knew that chasing a medical education came with finding good eats? He even became a Yelp elite member in Maryland during his time up north.

Ever since Birmingham became home, this surgeon foodie likes to get his weekly fix of pho at Saigon Noodle House, considers Back Forty‘s cheeseburger one of the best in town (I agree!) and loves the barbecue from Porky’s Pride.

6. @happyhourintheham

One thing is for sure—Birminghamians love a good happy hour. Cailen Raines saw a need and fulfilled it with an account dedicated to the happiest of hours in the city. From martinis at Big Whiskey in Hoover to margaritas at Little Donkey, the account features awesome pictures with detailed descriptions, including deals and hours.

“My inspiration for my account started from my love to try out happy hours. I felt happy hours were an easy way to get introduced to a restaurant and score some low cost drinks. It grew from me just telling my friends about places I was going to me wanting to share my findings with the entire city”.

Cailen | @happyhourintheham

7. @tabseatsbham

Tabitha’s been in Birmingham for the past 10 years and has been one of her favorite places since she was a kid. From studying at UAB to working with mental health, she’s always loved photography and food. So she figured that she would combine the two to create a foodie Instagram account.

I asked her top 3 spots to grab a bite in Birmingham which is honestly a cruel question to ask a foodie. It’s a question that’s almost impossible to answer, but she was able to narrow it down to Rojo for their totchos (tater tots + nachos), Carrigan’s Public House for their corn dog and Hero Doughnuts for their doughnuts, of course.

“I use the account to share recommendations of places to eat around town as well as in other cities I visit. It’s a really fun hobby for me and a great way to have a creative outlet about something I love! It’s also an awesome opportunity to give support to local restaurants through social media”.

Tabitha | @tabeatsbham

8. @bham_tacos

Here’s something we love to taco ’bout. If you’re looking for the best taco trucks, restaurants, stands and hole in the walls, this profile has things covered. As if the taco pictures didn’t already sell you, they also take the time to rank their experience at each place.

9. @bham_food_stalker

Her bio states “just a girl that spends an excessive amount of time planning her next meal” and I’ve never related to anything more. With vibrant pictures and a wide array of restaurants, next time you’re stuck trying to decide on where to eat, this account is a great place to start.

10. @bham_foodstagram

Burgers, pizza, sushi, giant pretzels? They’ve been there and done that. See something you like? Just go to the restaurant, pull up their foodie account and point to the picture. That’s what I’d do.

11. @bonappetitbham

It’s simple—get Birmingham eats inspiration all day, every day. This foodie account also has informational graphics that highlight black-owned restaurants around town and restaurants organized by type of cuisine.

Bonus: @BhamNow

I’ll admit it. I’m cheating a little bit, but food is kind of our forte. We’re constantly showing off all that Birmingham’s food scene has to offer. From new restaurant openings to weekly updates on which local spots are reopening their doors, we’ve got you covered.

As a matter of fact, I found these foodie accounts through our tagged photos. We love to repost and share your best meal shots, so feel free to tag us next time you grub on your favorite local eats.

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