Gamer meetups, open jobs + upgraded coworking space in Birmingham

Downtown July 4 1 Gamer meetups, open jobs + upgraded coworking space in Birmingham
What a view to start your week. 😍 Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

We’re pulling the toolbox off of our dusty garage self and doling out a shiny set of instruments to help you become a Birmingham business mogul. Tighten the wrench on that resume and hammer down on your career goals—we’ve got the jobs, news and events that’ll build out your week. 

Hot Jobs 🔥

Hiring? Post your job. Looking? See listings.

Experienced Remodeling Carpenter @ Irwin Brothers Remodeling Inc. Apply

FUSE Executive Fellow @ FUSE Corps. Apply

RN and LPN @ Wexford Health Sources Inc. Apply

Senior Lash Artist @ Eye Lash & Beauty Spa. Apply

Route Service Sales Representative @ Cintas Corporation. Apply

Sales Associate – Furniture and/or Flooring @ Issis & Sons. Apply.

Youth Development AmeriCorps Members for St. Clair County @ YWCA. Apply

Youth Development AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA.Apply.

Pell City Shelter AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

Homelessness Prevention AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

Family Resource Center AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

Educational Support AmeriCorps Members @ YWCA. Apply. 

After School Enrichment Program Specialists @ YWCA. Apply. 

Domestic Violence Support Americorps Members. Apply. 

DMC Center for Civic Life @ YWCA. Apply. 

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Tax Accountant @ EBSCO Industries. Apply. 

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What’s pulling rank in the business world?

ABBA approved 💸

We’re hopeful that one of Birmingham’s largest economic development projects this year will bring in lots of 🎶Money, money, money 🎶 to the city. This package is too big to be delivered through priority mail. Project Fish, a new $40.6 million FedEx Ground facility, is set to open in June 2021, bringing 285 new full- and part-time jobs to the area. Sign, sealed, delivered we’re yours! 

Forging a path out of home offices 👩‍💻

Working from home has gone on so long for some of us that the jokes are getting as stale as the coffee we used to drink in the breakroom. Which, you’ll never find at Forge’s expanded coworking space decked out with a fresh, full-service coffee bar, high-tech work pods with ~mood~ lighting and private phone booths. They’ve also implemented safety precautions so the only danger to you, while you’re working, is asking for an extended deadline. Like what you hear? Get 20% off for any Bham Now reader who signs up for a full-time or dedicated desk membership.

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Let’s lay down the logistics 👏

Birmingham is getting bigger, stronger and brighter, but that’s a heavy load to carry all alone. The city added over 500 jobs in logistics and are offering an opportunity to get the credentials you need to join ’em. Email for more information about the Adah International’s MSSC logistics CLA and CLT training programs. 

Tag, you’re it 👉

Instead of adorning your back windshield with a stick family, save yourself from the cliché and purchase one of these specialty license plates supporting local Birmingham organizations. Not only will they add some pizzazz to your Kia Soul, but the profits go toward helping families with sick children at the Ronald McDonald House, protecting our state’s wildlife through the Alabama Audubon and extending a helping hand to many others.

Sorry Chicago, we’re the real Wyndy City 🌬️

There’s a different type of breeze making its way through the Magic City and this one won’t blow your hat away, but it will knock your socks off. Birmingham-based Wyndy, the “uber of babysitters” and a successful startup, launched a new service helping local employers provide childcare to its employees impacted by school and daycare closures. Basically, solving an unsolvable problem. 

Call us extreme couponers 🛍️

Because we love a good deal. What occupies even more space in our hearts? Local Birmingham business. The two passions come together better than strawberries and chocolate in our database featuring over 600 small businesses offering up specials and discounts on their lovely products. Sign up your local biz today and be featured on Bham Now for f-r-e-e. 

Bring on the business events
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Positioning Diversity + Equity as Your Small Business Priority
Date: Tuesday, August 18
Time: 2-3PM
Price: Free

Cash 2.0 – Paying People and Businesses in the Virtual World
Date: Tuesday, August 18
Time: 3-4PM
Price: $20

Birmingham .NET Meetup
Date: Tuesday, August 18
Time: 7-8:30PM
Price: Free
More information

Race After Technology Book Discussion “Seat” Reservation
Date: Wednesday, August 19
Time: 6-7PM
Price: Free

Record keeping Like a Rock Star
Date: Thursday, August 20
Time: 10-11PM
Price: Free

React Lunch and Learn
Date: Friday, August 21
Time: 12-1PM
Price: Free

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