How to have a tiny wedding in Birmingham

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Mural pictures are a must if you’re celebrating your big day in Birmingham! Photo by Cathrine Taylor Photography

Planning a wedding during a pandemic? Not ideal, but also not impossible. With new risks to consider, many couples are opting for backyard nuptials and guest lists you can count on two hands. The wedding business has faced unimagined challenges, but one Birmingham-based company seems to be better equipped than the rest. Enter Tiny Weddings Bham.

Big smiles for tiny weddings 💒

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The wedding bells will still ring (even if you’re swapping the chapel for your backyard). Photo by AL Weddings

Many couples are canceling or postponing their I do’s, and small backyard celebrations are looking more appealing. Businesses who depend on traditional weddings for their income are having to pivot to cater to the new wedding reality. But one Birmingham company has already had three years of practice in helping couples celebrate their big day in a small way.

Meet Ann Marie Leveille, the owner of Tiny Weddings Bham 👋

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Meet Ann Marie Leveille, Owner/Wedding Planner at Tres Beau Weddings and Tiny Weddings Bham. Photo submitted

We got in touch with Ann Marie Leveille, a local wedding planner and the owner of Tiny Weddings Bham, to find out what exactly a tiny wedding is. Keep reading for our Q&A including more details on how to have a tiny wedding of your own in Birmingham:

What is a tiny wedding and what sparked the idea for Tiny Weddings Bham back in 2017?

“Tiny Weddings Bham gives couples a simplified wedding day experience that bridges the gap between doing a big full-blown wedding and eloping to the courthouse. It operates on a shared-resource idea, so you are splitting the cost of the day wither several couples—we distill a wedding day down to the parts that matter the most, making it stylish and affordable.

I have been in the Bham wedding industry as a ‘regular’ wedding planner for quite some time in Birmingham, and I started to recognize a need for something different. Something affordable, but still really beautiful and meaningful. No one around here was doing this, and I spent about a year researching and thinking it over. Valentine’s Day 2017 was our first Tiny Weddings event, and we have married off about 30 wonderful couples since!”

What benefits do tiny weddings have compared to larger, more traditional weddings?

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Your I do moment may look a little different but will be just as special. Photo by Meredith Ryncarz Photography

Well, price for one thing—our Tiny Wedding experience is $3600-4200 usually—but it’s also a great eco-friendly option, minimizing the waste of resources, materials and time. It is also simply a more intimate experience. The guest limit has always been strategically low at 30, so you are surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Finally, it’s a true done-for-you option, barely any planning on your part is needed.

How has it been navigating the business during a pandemic? Can you talk a little about how COVID-19 has affected Tiny Weddings Birmingham, both the struggles and the wins?

It’s been hard—but thankfully not as hard on my biz as it’s been for many, many wedding pros. We had to cancel our first event of 2020 in April. We rebooked the venue for 2021 and either refunded or rescheduled the couples who were supposed to get married that day. Navigating the constantly shifting recommendations and requirements from all the various authorities has been stressful. We do wish things were a bit clearer, specifically for weddings.

Tiny Weddings Bham has been uniquely poised already to help couples during this crazy time. We have a waiting list going for 2021 dates and cancellations for the remainder of 2020. Because of the pandemic struggles, we have also developed a Micro Elopement package, so couples can easily get married in their backyard or another private property space, and still get professional photos, flowers and more!

For Birmingham couples interested in a tiny wedding, what are the next steps?

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The perfect wedding exit. Photo by Photos by Heart

Head to our site at to read more about what all is included. Like I mentioned earlier, we are full for 2020 spots. But we are actively filling any cancellations if we get them for our current dates, and working on getting 2021 dates lined up. If you scroll to the bottom of our website, sign up for our emails. We always let our email subscribers know first for cancellations and new dates. If you are interested in an elopement or backyard micro wedding, email us anytime at

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