Local trend setters install stock tank pools. [Photos]

Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
The ultimate place to dip your toes and cool off. Photo via Amanda Braddock

There’s a new trend taking over backyards in Birmingham this summer—DIY stock tank pools. Learn how locals in Birmingham made summer 2020 awesome by jumping on this exciting trend. Prepare to be wowed!

But first, what is a stock tank pool?

Stock tanks are oversized metal buckets typically used to hold drinking water for horses, cattle and other livestock. Most recently, though, these big metal tubs have become something much cooler—above-ground swimming pools for the backyards of Birmingham locals.

Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
Another name for stock tank pools—”Hillbilly Pools.” Photo via Michelle Reynolds

Okay, so stock tanks aren’t large enough for you to show off your sleek swim strokes or that perfect dive. But they are great for one thing—cooling off during Birmingham’s hot and humid summers.

They are also incredibly easy to set up. All it takes is five steps:

  1. Order your stock tank online. (Consider purchasing at Tractor Supply Co.)
  2. Pick up your stock tank from place of purchase. Or wait for it to be delivered to your door.
  3. Install a pool filter. Be sure to purchase chlorine tablets and a holder for them.
  4. Fill up the pool with water from your garden hose.
  5. Swim!

If you choose to refill your stock tank with new water before each use, you can skip step three and make the process even easier!

Purchasing Info

Stock tank pools are widely available at Tractor Supply Co. Though, due to COVID-19 causing them to be more popular than ever, you may have to wait a bit.

What about price? Compared to an in-ground swimming pool which can cost $20K-$65K and an above-ground pool which can set you back $3,500-$15K, stock tanks are much less costly.

Stock tanks can be had for anywhere between $200 and $800 dollars, depending on its size and capacity.

Envy-worthy stock tank pools from Birmingham locals

1. Veronique “Vero” Vanblaere

Birmingham, DIY stock tank pool, DIY backyard pool
A dreamy place to take a summer dip. Photo via Veronique Vanblaere

Purchased stock tank pool from: Tractor Supply Co.
Pool Size: 3’ Wide x 8’ Long x 2’ Deep
Gallons Held:
Pool Shape: Oval

You may have heard the name Vero floating around the Birmingham art scene over the years. That’s because she was the owner of Naked Art Gallery in Forest Park for 20 years before shutting its doors in May 2019 (story here) to focus on her artwork. Check out her work.

Birmingham, DIY stock tank pool, DIY backyard pool
Serenity. Photo via Veronique Vanblaere

She and her husband Clint Coopersmith recently hopped on the stock tank pool bandwagon.

“We are big travelers and all our trips got canceled [due to COVID-19]. If we were going to enjoy the homestead fully, we decided we might as well turn it into a personal vacationland.”

And they did. Vero and Clint hopped online, ordered their stock tank pool and were lucky enough to pick it up the very same day. Now they have a serene backyard oasis with a pool they dubbed “the sardine can.” Clever, no?

By adding some outdoor lights, a miniature stepping deck and hook-on drink holder, this stock tank pool went from metal tub to blissful utopia.

Vero’s top tip for future stock tank pool DIYers: Be sure you have a way to haul your stock tank pool home from the store to avoid complications.

2. Michelle Reynolds

Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
Going for a swim. Hillbilly Pool. Photo via Michelle Reynolds

Purchased stock tank pool from: Tractor Supply Co.
Pool Size: 3’ Wide x 8’ Long x 2’ Deep
Gallons Held: 300
Pool Shape:

Michelle Reynolds and her husband Bob Farley always wanted a stock tank pool after seeing them on a vacation to Texas a number of years ago.

While they typically go to the lake or river to swim when they want to cool off during Birmingham’s steamy summers, things took a different turn this year due to COVID-19 and social distancing.

Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
Bob Farley and Michelle Reynolds enjoying their stock tank pool. Photo via Michelle Reynolds

“With the pandemic ruining any opportunity for travel this summer, we finally decided it was time to go ahead and buy one,” said Michelle.

Bob admitted they “didn’t know what we were doing when we bought this thing. We just knew we wanted one.”

Lucky for them, it turned out to be an amazing decision and they suggest others consider creating their own.

“Others should incorporate small pools to their outdoor living spaces. It is definitely worth the small investment for the cool soak that makes hanging out in the backyard on a hot day most enjoyable,” said Bill.

Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
Using a small pool vacuum can work wonders on keeping a clean stock tank pool. Photo via Michelle Reynolds

For Michelle and Bob, it wasn’t about creating an over-the-top atmosphere for their stock tank pool. Instead, they wanted it to be simple.

“We gave it a good scrub, rinsed it thoroughly and filled it up,” said Bob.

The galvanized metal of the tank turned out to be an eye-pleasing addition their Spanish-style home.

Michelle and Bob’s top tip for stock tank pool DIYers: Instead of drilling holes in your stock tank pool to install a filter and hoses, simply drape the hoses over the side of the pool. This makes installation easier, especially if you intend to dismantle your stock tank pool during winter. 

3. Amanda Braddock

Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
What a tank! Photo via Amanda Braddock

Purchased stock tank pool from: Tractor Supply Co.
Pool Size: 8’ Wide x 8′ L x 2’ Deep
Gallons Held:
Pool Shape: Round

Avondale resident Amanda Braddock had always dreamed of owning a stock tank pool. But while the other two couples took the minimalism route, Amanda’s building experience was a bit more challenging.

With help from several of her friends, the deck was pulled up, much-needed support blocks were nailed in place and wooden boards were reinstalled and stained for a fresh new look.

Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
I wish I were on this deck right now! Photo via Amanda Braddock

By adding items like modern wooden loungers, a fun fringed umbrella and a glow-in-the-dark pineapple chlorine holder, Amanda’s space went from bland to charming paradise.

She also has a few more special additions, including:

  1. A pool pump box that functions as a table or bench.
  2. A sun sail that overlooks the pool. It features an iron pipe to hold it in place that was installed by her neighbor Marshall Christie metal arts director from Sloss Furnaces.
Birmingham, stock tank pool, trends, DIY pool, backyard pool
That pineapple though. Photo via Amanda Braddock

Amanda’s top tip for for stock tank pool DIYers: Rust is inevitable. Consider a using Water Blast, a cleaning product sold at DollarTree for just $1, along with a small pool vacuum to pick up any dirt. 

Should you create a stock tank pool? Here’s the verdict.

One thing is certain. Though each of these Birmingham DIYers had a different experience when creating their stock tank pools, they were all happy with the results and recommend it to others. 

“It’s my dream come true. Three weeks in and I’m happy as a clam.” — Amanda Braddock

Tips and Tricks for Owning a DIY Stock Tank Pool

  • Do lots of research and join helpful groups on social media like Stock Tank Pool Lovers on Facebook.
  • Use ceramic magnets with two-hole galvanized metal strip to keep hoses in place. This reduces the risk of leaks and saved time and energy during construction. 
  • Don’t let chlorine make direct contact with the metal sides of your stock tank pool. It can cause it to rust. Use a designated holder for chlorine tablets.
  • While stock tank pools come with a drain plug, you can avoid leaking water around your stock tank by installing a spigot. Just hook your hose up to it and divert water away from your pool. 
  • Though painting your stock tank pool is an option, keeping its galvanized metal as is will save you time and money. 

Do you own a DIY stock tank pool? We’d love to see it! Tag us in your photos on social @bhamnow!

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