Will Avondale be Birmingham’s 4th entertainment district?

Photo of man with beer at Avondale Brewing in what could be Birmingham's next entertainment district
Thirsty? Photo via Avondale Brewing’s Facebook page

Who doesn’t love heading to Avondale for restaurants, bars, coffee shops or shows? After a public hearing scheduled for 9:30AM, Tuesday, June 23, Avondale may be Birmingham’s fourth entertainment district. Keep reading to find out more.

A refresher on entertainment districts

proposed Avondale entertainment district as seen from the air
What Avondale looks like if you are a hawk.

Birmingham currently has three entertainment districts. These are the places where you can get a drink in a special cup, carry it outside and head over to another venue in the area. Since it’s okay to walk around with open containers, it’s easier to move between bars, restaurants and music venues. 

By law, Birmingham is allowed to have up to five entertainment districts. Avondale would be the fourth. 

Why Avondale?

beers in Avondale, Birmingham's next proposed entertainment district
Beer for two. Photo via Avondale Brewing Co’s Facebook page

According to Councilor Hunter Williams, Avondale’s businesses are eager to have the entertainment district designation. Relaxed open container laws are a boon for nightlife, which can help other businesses come to the area. 

Imagine heading to Avondale Brewing for a music event, being able to head outside to enjoy some fresh air with friends, then stopping into Melt or Fancy’s on Fifth to grab a bite to eat. Could make for a nice afternoon and evening out, right? 

If you haven’t been to Avondale for a while, here’s a glimpse at what you’ve been missing:

Fun fact: an actual spring runs under 41st Street—it even has a beer named after it

First, you need to know that 41st Street used to be called Spring Street. Why? Because actual springs flowed from the hillside of what became Avondale Park. 

In this awesome article on Birmingham’s lost springs by my colleague Pat Byington, he explained: 

“Thanks to the recent renovation of Avondale Park, the spring sees daylight along the hillsides for children to explore. The spring’s tributary underneath Spring Street (now known as 41st Street) is piped and buried underneath the street and buildings. However, ‘Spring Street’ does live on as the namesake of one of Avondale Brewing’s favorite beers.”

Want to weigh in on the proposed Avondale entertainment district?

Spring Street now 41st Street in Avondale
Looking north toward 41st Street, originally Spring Street from Avondale Park. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Head over to the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting, or contact your Councilor

  • When: Tuesday, June 23, 9:30AM
  • Where: Birmingham City Hall, 710 20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

If approved, Avondale will join a number of other entertainment districts in the Greater Birmingham area


  • Rocky Ridge
  • Cahaba Heights
  • City Center



Now tell us, Birmingham, what do you think of the prospect of Avondale becoming Birmingham’s fourth entertainment district? Tag us on social @bhamnow and let us know!

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