7 Birmingham nonprofits providing shelter for those in need + how you can help


Habitat2 7 Birmingham nonprofits providing shelter for those in need + how you can help
There’s nothing quite like coming home. Photo via Habitat for Humanity

How easy is it for us to take for granted having a safe place to lay our heads at night? For many members of our Birmingham community, that is not part of their reality. Here are seven local organizations helping to provide shelter and care for those who need it most.

Even though we’re all a little farther apart, we’re still in this together. See how you can help or get help, right here in Birmingham.

Why it Matters

At Bham Now, we ❤️our Birmingham community. We want to do our part to support the people that make our city run, which is why we opened our platform to share vital info for small businesses + nonprofits.

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1. Firehouse Ministries

The mission of the Cooperative Downtown Ministries, Inc. (the corporation) is to provide to homeless men, ages 18 and older, in the Birmingham Area a nurturing and caring environment offering supportive services that break the cycle of homelessness and empower individuals to achieve their highest potential.

2. Jimmie Hale Mission

The Jimmie Hale Mission has been serving the Birmingham area since its humble beginning as a storefront chapel in 1944.

For more than 75 years the ministry has helped restore and transform thousands of lives by addressing homelessness and addiction through the love of Jesus Christ and the generosity of people in our community and across the great state of Alabama.

3. Jessie’s Place

Jessie’s Place is a residential transformation program located in the heart of downtown Birmingham that can accommodate up to 35 women and children. They are more than a shelter for homeless women and children. Jessie’s place offers Christ-centered support to help encourage, strengthen and empower those enduring life’s hardships.

They work hard to give women and children the chance for transformation by creating an environment where despair becomes hope, sorrow becomes joy and the broken and hurting become strong and whole.

4. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama

The Ronald McDonald House cares for up to 73 guest families every night, keeping them together while their children receive medical treatment. In addition to providing a comfortable bedroom, they surround families with love and support from volunteers, staff and other guest families who share the same hopes and fears.

They also provide home-cooked meals, activities, indoor and outdoor play areas, laundry facilities, computers, WiFi, and much more so that guest families can concentrate on what is most important — family.

5. Shepherds Fold

Shepherds Fold stands as one of the few remaining re-entry programs with transitional housing and supportive services in the state of Alabama. Shepherds Fold is a transition home designed to address the needs of men at risk of incarceration or recidivism.

Their six-month program is designed to provide opportunities that support successful transformations, from the inside out, to empower, strengthen and create productive, contributing members of society.

6. Habitat for Humanity Greater Birmingham

“It’s easy to stay stuck, to be stuck in poverty. Some people inherit money, but some people inherit poverty.

To think outside of the scope of poverty is hard. So when you have a hand up – what Habitat offers – that hand up turns out to be a different kind of inheritance: hope.”

Jose, who moved into his family’s Habitat house when he was 15

7. SafeHouse of Shelby County

SafeHouse was founded by a group of concerned citizens who realized the great need for a domestic violence shelter in Shelby County. Their mission is to empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence through support and advocacy and to educate the community to prevent future abuse.

To this end, SafeHouse acts as a catalyst for change working toward a safe future for all. As one of Alabama’s leading providers of these life-changing and life-saving services, SafeHouse staff and volunteers are dedicated to offering the resources to empower survivors.

Supporting these organizations means supporting homes for Birmingham citizens and families. Show yours today!

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