Commission a pet portrait from 5 Birmingham artists—no treats required

Tim Blanton Art via his Facebook Commission a pet portrait from 5 Birmingham artists—no treats required
The definition of a good boy. Photo via Tim Blanton Art’s Facebook.

If you come from a house like mine, your pets probably get treated better than most human companions. Hey, those little guys deserve it even when they make you get up at 3AM to let them out in the rain and hog half the bed. Why not take a cue from mid-century monarchs and commission a pet portrait from Birmingham artists.

Fun fact:

Did you know Pablo Picasso often painted with his beloved dachshund named Lump? (definitely stealing that name for my next dog.)  A true muse, you can find Lump at the bottom of the canvas in Picasso’s multiple reinterpretations of Velázquez’s masterpiece “Las Meninas.”

Here’s Picasso’s personal portrait of Mr.Lump which you can now purchase hundred of recreations of online:

1. Tim Blanton Art

 “I also like to know the pet’s name.  I can’t explain it but the end result is noticeably better when I do.”

I wonder how Tim would capture Lump’s essence? His watercolor portraits are really one-of-a-kind and provide a great memory of your pet for years to come.

2. DrawDog

pet portrait
It’s like meeting your pet in a lucid dream. Photo via Drawdog’s Facebook.

Bring the funk and razzmatazz to your pet portrait with local artist Christopher Davis. He uses acrylic paint on archival quality watercolor paper to make your furry friend pop off the page.

3. Art by EAB

Pop art for pups! The pieces are so fun, they’re definitely not your typical pet portrait.

“Emily painted an amazing pop art version of my dog! I can’t wait to get it hung up in my house. You can see the passion she has for art in each painting!”

Facebook review

4. Emma Carr Art

Emma isn’t married to one artistic style, but one thing is a fact: her pieces are beautiful. You can commission a piece from her with specific details about how you’d like to see your best friend on canvas.

pet portrait
Immortalize them! Photo via Emma Carr Art on Facebook.

5. Pet portraits by Hayden

Hayden minored in art at Auburn and now creates custom hand-drawn pet portraits done with artist quality colored pencils. I like how her drawings are simple and elegant, but still capture the fine details of your pet.

“A pet portrait is more than just a picture of your animal, it’s a moment in time. It’s a way of celebrating that deep love and the special friendship that only a pet lover can know.”

We know there are more! Who did we miss? Let us know on social @bhamnow!

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