Shop Magic City Art Connection’s virtual festival April 24-May 3

Celeste Amparo Pfau Shop Magic City Art Connection’s virtual festival April 24-May 3
Local artist Celeste Amparo Pfau gathers natural materials to use in a unique process—you can shop her work at the virtual fest. Photo via Amparo Creative House Facebook.

Birmingham artists make our city shine and lend us that sense of curiosity and playfulness others can’t match. Now, you can view some of these artists’, and those across the country’s, new work for the FIRST time. Magic City Art Connection is taking us virtual for its 37th Magic City Art Connection (MCAC) festival April 24—May 3. Connect to MCAC Virtual by participating in artists’ online stores—here’s what you’ll discover.

Supporting artists + seeing beautiful work

Magic City Art Connection
Jon Osborne is a contemporary visual artist and one of MCAC’s 2020 artists. Shop his work. Photo courtesy of MCAC.

The original festival was set to take place on April 24-26, but in the wake of COVID-19, this is the next best thing. For a full week, MCAC will feature original works for sale online by many of MCAC’s 2020 artists. Although we won’t be able to experience the festival in Linn Park as planned, we can still connect with the artists through their work online.

“This city is a multicultural and multigenerational center of Alabama. We have so many beautiful cultures and people here in this city. I believe our diversity and our ability to be open minded is our strength.”

Celeste Amparo Pfau of Amparo Creative House , MCAC 2020 Artist

Why it’s important

anna lyle art Shop Magic City Art Connection’s virtual festival April 24-May 3
How dreamy is MCAC 2020 artist Anna Lyle’s studio? From months of hard work in the studio—this is the first time you’ll be able to purchase these artists’ work! Shop her work. Photo courtesy of Anna Lyle Art’s Facebook.

“Surrounding yourself with beautiful art that speaks to you is essential. Supporting artists now is essential. A lot of people are using their spare time to work on DIY projects for their home, replacing old furniture, rearranging their home-work spaces to be more comfortable, and generally giving their living and workspaces more of their own personality. (I am too).

If you have the means, this is a perfect time to purchase and include fresh art in your home. Why not go ahead and add a few new pieces that you really love to go with your spiffed up furniture and very clean house?

Anna Lyle of Anna Lyle Paintings, MCAC 2020 Artist

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, COVID-19 is the biggest party crasher of 2020. For these artists, it’s a lot more than a missed event—it means not being able to showcase their months of hard work and hours in the studio. Luckily, the virtual art fest allows us to view, purchase and marvel at their incredible pieces.

“I think everyone is finding a lot of creative ways to adapt. For example, I have found that when I send a piece of work in the mail I truly enjoy the creativity of making the package very personal and adding extra moments of joy in each package.It’s a way to share my personality and intention even when I am not in front of the person.”

Celeste Amparo Pfau of Amparo Creative House , MCAC 2020 Artist

Take me to the fest

Open your laptop and you’re there! Grab your drinks, gather your friends via Zoom and throw on a cute outfit, because you can still peruse award-winning art online. Shop from over 60 vendors in all types of mediums and learn more about each artist.

A spotlight on MCAC’s 2020 artists

Rest assured you have access to a great variety of work during the virtual fest. Clay, painting, glass, sculpture—the list goes on and on for what you’ll find. We can continue supporting the local artists that bring new ideas and creativity to Birmingham.

“The local artist community in Birmingham are an amazingly talented and creative group of people striving to bring their own expression to the city. Fortunately, we have many different supporters such as art lovers, patrons, galleries, foundations, Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham Art Crawl and other platforms to bring awareness to these things, but there’s more collectively that can be done.”

Jon Osborne of Jon Osborne Paintings, MCAC 2020 Artist



“I try to make work that reflects my community. I truly enjoy interacting with people that see and buy my work, they influence me and teach me how to be an artist in the world. I feel very honored and humbled to make work that warms people’s hearts, to make work that someone will buy from me to give as a very special gift to a loved one.”

Celeste Amparo Pfau of Amparo Creative House , MCAC 2020 Artist




Be on the lookout for Moss Rock Hybrid!

MCAC’s second COVID-19 reset initiative is coming to us at the Moss Rock Festival on November 7-8. Plans are being set in motion for a hybrid festival that’s guaranteed to be an awesome time. Stay tuned for future announcements.

Don’t be left saying, “I wish I had…” Follow along with MCAC through Facebook, Instagram and their website.

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