Innovate Birmingham students showcase their work on Virtual Demo Day—tune in on April 24 at 3PM

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Students at Innovate Birmingham before quarantine. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

On April 24, candidates of the Software Development and Data Analytics bootcamps at Innovate Birmingham will showcase their projects via an open Zoom meeting. Tune in to see what the candidates have accomplished over the past 14 weeks and learn how local tech professionals are adjusting + get their best tips for working from home

What is Demo Day?

In previous years, Demo Day was hosted at venues like WorkPlay. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

At the end of each 14-week bootcamp, students at Innovate Birmingham showcase the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired to the community. Most importantly, the event is an opportunity to relay their talent and projects to potential employers.

One of Innovate Birmingham’s unique aspects is their vast employer network. Innovate Birmingham has teamed up with some of the biggest names in Alabama in order to give their graduates a competitive edge in reducing Birmingham’s tech gap. Innovate Birmingham graduates have been hired at companies like Alabama Power, BBVA, Protective Life, and Altec.

“We are in a unique position to expand our services due to the necessity of virtual work. This will be our first completely virtual Demo Day, and we’re hopeful it will provide more opportunity for new employers to engage with our talented students who may not have been able to attend the in-person Demo Day events in the past.”

Haley Hoppe, Director of Engagement, Innovate Birmingham

Attend Virtual Demo Day

“Now more than ever, the ability to work remotely is important for a successful career. Candidates are not only demonstrating the ability to utilize all the tools needed to do so, but also to stay motivated during uncertain times and work autonomously. These skills will be valuable whether their careers continue down remote work paths or more traditional office environments.”

Haley Kendrick, Director, Innovate Birmingham

Usually, Demo Day is an in-person presentation—however, COVID-19 has allowed the team to flex their creativity muscles. Instead of their normal presentation, Innovate Birmingham will be hosting this Demo Day via Zoom on April 24 at 3PM. To check out the students’ showcase, simply register on Eventbrite to receive a link to the webinar.

If you think a promising candidate would make a great addition to your team, reach out to for hiring info!

Wondering what you’ll see during Demo Day?

Bounce will help groups “bounce” ideas off one another, no matter where. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

Although COVID-19 has presented many challenges, candidates at Innovate Birmingham have quickly turned around to offer solutions. One candidate is working on a brainstorming app called Bounce. The goal of Bounce is to give organizations and groups of people an interactive way to brainstorm ideas, share input and collaborate no matter where they are—sounds very helpful in our current situation!

How is Innovate Birmingham adjusting to working from home?

Employees at Innovate Birmingham get creative during virtual meetings! Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

Students and workers alike are having to adjust to accomplishing their goals from home. We talked to Catrina Callahan, a Software Development Candidate, and Bianka Jimenez, a Data Analytics Candidate, to see how they’re making it through these times:

How are you currently adjusting to remote work/online learning?

Catrina:  I’ve learned to make the best of this technological world I live in, and take advantage of FaceTime, chats, Zoom, and other ways to connect to friends, family, and coworkers.

Catrina Callahan, Software Development Candidate. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

What have been the biggest barriers of online learning? How have you overcome them? 

Bianka: I think getting into the habit of waking up at the same time every day, just as I would do when going to the office. I feel that was crucial the first few days because it made me mentally shift into “work mode” and be able to focus on the concepts of the day.

Bianka N. Jimenez, Data Analytics Candidate. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned about working remotely? 

Bianka: If you don’t manage your time and make changes to how you go about the day, then you will feel left out and just not present. The second would be to step away from the work, and have lunch or a break in between tasks.

Catrina: Communication is vital. Frequent, clear, transparent communication will be your key to success.

Want to Learn More about Innovate Birmingham?

The candidates of Innovate Birmingham’s 10th Cohort. Photo courtesy of Innovate Birmingham

If you’re interested in starting a career in the tech field, there is no better place to start than Innovate Birmingham.

  • The fast-track programs at Innovate Birmingham add early value towards a tech career.
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  • Learn more about their programs and scholarship opportunities.

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Be sure to tune into Virtual Demo Day on April 24 at 3PM to see the progress of these students! Register on Eventbrite to get the link.

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