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Say it with me: bangs take FOREVER to grow back. Photo by Manu M. on Unsplash.

We get it. Now is the perfect time to finally cut bangs. Maybe you’re just in desperate need of a trim, but until businesses open again we’re stuck with our kitchen scissors. Slow your roll before breaking out that box-dye and hear what the experts from local Birmingham salons suggest first.

1. Hayah Beauty

Darrius Peace, co-owner of Hayah Beauty, shared his expertise with us in a time when at-home hair styling is our only option. As far as haircuts go, you should probably leave it to pros like himself. But, he had some tips for keeping your hair happy and healthy while we pine for our local stylists.

If you’re growing your hair out

If your hair is growing out from a short cut, a simple tuck behind the ears can offer a sophisticated transition until you can get back into the hair salon.

Tapered sides can be tamed by rubbing a small amount of hair gel or pomade to lay down wild hairs. Long layers or bangs can be curled away from the face to create the illusion of a fresh cut.

When your curls need a little extra oomf

Textured hair is such a hot trend right now, so sporting those curls, coils, and waves will carry you through those mandatory video conferences while working from home.

We can enhance texture, definition, and shine by finger combing the hair with a styling gel or mousse. Remember, curls just wanna have fun!

Keeping long hair sleek

As for longer hair, polished puffs, sleek buns or top knots can be appropriate for a day at the office. Dusting on a little makeup will bring the entire look together.

2. Speed Spa

In 7th grade I dyed my hair with Kool-Aid and let me tell you, I wish I chatted with Kelly Yokel before I did. A local stylist at Speed Spa, Kelly says the most common mistake she sees is experimenting with box dye and “at home” lighting products. In short, they weaken the elasticity of the hair and are weak in chemical strength, leaving your hair with brassy tones.

Keeping hair healthy

“Everyone has tons of products that they have only used a couple of times and then abandoned them either for something better or different.  Or maybe you will find products that you bought from your stylist that you really need more instruction or how or when to use?   

Men, this goes for you too!  I know plenty of you that secretly love your products. Clean out those products, donate them, or keep the products that you only really love or use. While you are reorganizing your products, apply a deep conditioner.  

Try skipping all styling products and heating elements and see if you notice a difference in the texture of your hair in 4 weeks!”

Setting hair goals for when you can get back to the salon

“Make a Pinterest board and pick out hairstyles or colors that you love.  Maybe you will be inspired to try a  new look when you exit quarantine. Stylists love to see y’all step out of your comfort zone change things up.  

So curly girls, those of you who insist on the flat iron every day, (you know who you are) give your hair a break.  Try going curly, who knows, you may begin to embrace a new look with your natural curl again. For everyone,  don’t spend these long days in the mirror being so critical on yourself.—that’s one thing none of us have the time for right now!”

Put down the dye, think of your local stylist

“Yes, I have attempted many things on my self as a stylist and also before I was a stylist. Applying an at home lightener was a particularly big mistake.  

These products do not have the professional strength to lift your hair, therefore extra time and extra money are spent in the salon trying to correct the at home error.

 But hey, let’s get honest, everyone should love spending time with their stylist! So, as with everything else in life, there will probably be more hair mistakes, but there will always be room to grow and learn from them.

3. H’Art of April Salon

The biggest mistake when doing your hair at home? Doing it at home. April Israel Kibby, the owner of H’Art of April Organic Salon, understands that a fresh style and cuts shine a little light on our day. So, if you are going to DIY at home, follow a plan.

When touching up roots

“To help cover roots, instead of going straight to the drugstore box color, try looking for a temporary root touch up kit.  I mean, no one is really leaving their house right now anyway, am I right?  If you are an essential employee and can’t handle those sparkling gray roots waving you down every time you pass a mirror, root touch up kits are a great solution.  

Avoid the color ‘OOPS’ by reading and following directions carefully.  A common mistake people make when touching up their roots is coloring their hair from root to end; laying color on top of color.  

Avoid making your hair too dark on the ends by not overlapping color when just covering the new growth.  Don’t leave it on longer than the recommended time. Taking small sections will ensure the best application, so be patient. When you are not able to get to your stylist, try choosing colors close to your natural color. “

If you MUST cut your own hair

“We never recommend cutting your own hair. Even as a stylist, we rarely cut our own. If you must, definitely make sure someone is there to help you be sure you get an even cut. The tool you use is very important.

 Good, sharp, professional shears are best. They cut a clean line and prevent giving you instant split ends and a frayed look—unlike those scissors in your kitchen junk drawer that I know you’ve been eyeing.

Be sure not to wet or pull down on bangs when trimming them or you will end up looking like your Barbie doll after you cut her bangs when you were 7. Short bangs are hard to disguise and take forever to grow out.

Clipper cuts should definitely be left to the professionals, as blending is no easy task and no one wants to have the bottom half of a buzz cut.”

Two words (actually four) self care, hair masks

“Why not take this time at home for some self-love and give your hair a little break?  Wash less frequently, skip the heat and try adding some cute headpieces.  

Fall in love with your hair again!  You may be surprised by what you discover your hair is capable of once you give it a heatless vacay. “

April also recommends an at-home hair mask for extra softness and shine. Try out her recipe with items you probably already have:

  • Blend 1/2 avocado, 2 Tbsp argan oil, a few drops of rosemary essential oil, and 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar.
  • Work the mask through dry hair from roots to tips (if your hair’s oily, skip your scalp).
  • Clip hair in place and let sit for 15 minutes or longer, then rinse, shampoo and condition. 

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