Yep, that’s a pickle sandwich. Get one at True Story Brewing. A Birmingham first.

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Brewmaster Craig Shaw with the pickle sandwich at True Story Brewing. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Birmingham, we have discovered a genuine Magic City original on Crestwood Boulevard – The Pickle Sandwich at True Story Brewing.

Over the past week, I heard rumors on social media, that someone was making one in town – so of course I had to investigate.

Discovered! True Story Brewing

Photo from True Story Brewing Facebook page

After some sleuthing on social media, I discovered True Story Brewing, a the neighborhood brewery next to Seasick Records and Thank You Books  had invented, what I believe is the first pickle sandwich in our community.

The Creator – Brewmaster Craig

I hopped on down to True Story Brewing to see if the pickle sandwich story  was real or false (you’ve got to careful these days on the internet).

Once I arrived at the brewery, the bartender ushered me to the back to meet Brewmaster Craig Shaw.

He proudly owned up to his creation, and started making me one.

“I had seen something like it before and I really like pickles and wanted one,” Brewmaster Craig  said with a knowing grin. So I found the biggest pickles I could find.”

How make it

He proceeded to show how to make the sandwich.

“I had to figure how to hollow it out, and how to make it less slippery  I have to dry the pickle and the cold cuts, so it is not a slippery mess when you hold onto it and bite into it. There was a learning curve developing this. It was messy in the beginning, but we got a method down.”

Below are photos and a video documenting Brewmaster Craig’s creation:

Brewmaster Craig: Gotta pick BIG pickles at True Story Brewing. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now
Prepare the pickles by scooping out the seeds. True Story Brewing. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham now
Start building the pickle sandwich, which has no bread, BUT add turkey, ham and salami. Photo taken at True Story Brewing by Pat Byington for Bham Now
The Pickle Sandwich at True Story Brewing. No bread and gluten free! Photo by Pat Byington


“It is delicious, especially if you like pickles, you are really going to love this.”

True Story Brewing is a great place

Obviously, True Story Brewing is more than a place where you can get a pickle sandwich. They have a fantastic saison (I tried it myself), double IPA and a vanilla cupcake porter.  They also have hot dogs and wide a variety of local beers. There is also a pinball machine.

A welcoming place, the bartender and the patrons were all friendly, Brewmaster Craig.  It is definitely place I intend to come back to.


Here is True Story Brewing‘s address:

5510 Crestwood Blvd
Birmingham, Alabama
See you there! Perhaps we can have a beer and pickle sandwich.


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