Calling all wine-spillers, pet owners + parents! Get your stain-free sofa in Birmingham


Curt Morris, owner of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Birmingham, and his pup Parker hanging out at their Greystone location. Oh, and don’t worry about Parker sitting on the showroom couch—it’s iClean fabric. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Calling all wine-spillers, pet owners and parents! What if I told you there was a fabric that resisted tough stains, was as comfy (and stylish) as your softest throw AND can be found right here in Birmingham? Well, it does, it is and you can. It’s La-Z-Boy’s iClean fabric, and it’s a game-changer.

Do you believe in magic…fabric? Because La-Z-Boy’s iClean fabric is just that.

It’s the best thing since sliced bread. And I’m not exaggerating. The first time I saw it’s stain-resisting magical powers, I honestly couldn’t believe it.

We deliberately poured coffee on the cream sofa to test it out. It worked. And it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. See the video above, or the GIF below for proof of the ~magic~.

Yes, that’s a coffee spill disappearing off a cream iClean covered couch. GIF via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Here’s how the stain-free fabric works:

Basically, La-Z-Boy’s innovative technology surrounds each fiber, creating a barrier of protection that repels spills before they turn into stains.

According to their site, you can simply blot the stain with a paper towel for most spills. And for tougher spills, you can use a mild soap and water mix. Easy peasy. They even have a super handy guide to cleaning for specific stains online.

iClean is completely customizable, durable, pet + kid friendly and totally nap-able.

All you need is the iClean fabric, a comfy sofa and a cuddly pup. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Yes, I did just make up the word nap-able specifically for this fabric. Not only does the iClean fabric come in 100+ different colors, patterns and prints, but it feels amazing too.

It’s some of the softest fabrics I’ve touched. And if we are rating the look, comfort and nap-ability—it gets a 10/10. And the best part? It’s pet AND kid-friendly. Long gone are the days of scrubbing and stain removers.

Bonus! There’s even a 3-year limited warranty.

Maybe your little one gets inspired with that washable Magic Marker and mild soap and water just isn’t cutting it. No worries—Your iClean fabric is warranted for three years for specific stains including:

  • Beer, Wine, Soda, Juices, Coffee, Milk + Tea
  • Chocolate Syrup, Ice Cream + Jelly
  • Washable Magic Marker + Dirt
  • Visit their site for a full list of approved stains.

Why La-Z-Boy? We have a couple of reasons.

We can’t promise the pup will be present if you visit a La-Z-Boy store in Birmingham. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Birmingham are locally owned and operated. So when you shop La-Z-Boy, you’re supporting local business.

Also, La-Z-Boy products are USA made and built to last. They are pieces you can pass down from generation to generation.

Visit a La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Birmingham and see it all for yourself.

Head out to one of their locations and tell them we sent ya! Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

La-Z-Boy has three conveniently located stores in Birmingham:

Swing by a store and let their in-house designers help you customize the perfect piece for your space.

Or download the La-Z-Boy AR App, and see what that sofa you’ve been eyeing will look like in your space before you buy it!

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