Want to help Australian wildlife? Here’s how to do it in Birmingham

World Wildlife Fund Want to help Australian wildlife? Here's how to do it in Birmingham
Months of massive brushfires have decimated human and wildlife habitats alike. Photo copyright Matthew Abbott, via World Wildlife Fund Australia

If you’ve tuned in to the news or internet lately, you’ve probably seen the terrible fires that have been ravaging Australia. Although it seems that some coverage has slacked off, the crisis is far from over. Here’s how you can help right here in Birmingham.

Quick Recap

World Wildlife Fund Australia Want to help Australian wildlife? Here's how to do it in Birmingham
With an area the size of a small country on fire, fleeing or migrating in time isn’t an option for many species. Photo copyright Adam Stevenson, via World Wildlife Fund on Facebook

According to this article by the New York Times, the fires have been blazing around Australia since September 2019, killing at least 24 people and gutting an area larger than Denmark.

Over 2,000 homes have been destroyed and conditions are expected to worsen this weekend, with months left to go in a fire season that seems to get longer every year.

These numbers are getting higher by the day, with minimal signs of slowing down. The most vulnerable population? Australian wildlife. Estimates are showing that more than 1.25 billion animals may have been killed directly or indirectly from the fires.

Curious about how wildlife is being affected? Check out this article by the World Wildlife Fund to learn more.

The Birmingham Zoo is Donating $10,000 to Help Wildlife


The Birmingham Zoo recently made a big announcement. They have designated $10,000 from their Conservation Fund to help save wildlife populations impacted in the fires.

The money is going to the Zoo Aquarium Association, Australasia (ZAA). This is a sister organization of The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) here in the United States. The ZAA’s mission is to lead Australasian zoos and aquariums to work together to save wildlife.

The ZAA is currently in the process of implementing a three-phase plan to rescue and rehabilitate surviving native wildlife. Read all about it!

How You Can Help

Fires in Australia
Thousands of koalas have been affected by their habitats being destroyed. Photo copyright World Wildlife Fund Australia


Birmingham residents can help with the crisis by visiting the Birmingham Zoo. Paying guests to the Zoo on Valentine’s weekend will have a portion of their ticket proceeds donated to The Zoo and Aquarium Association for increased aid to wildlife affected by wildfires.

Birmingham Zoo will be matching up to $5,000 from paid admissions on that weekend with the goal of donating a total gift of $20,000 to support the wildlife of Australia.

  • When: Valentine’s Weekend
  • Dates: February 14-16
  • Address: 2630 Cahaba Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223
  • Hours: Open daily 9AM to 4PM
  • Contact: (205) 879-0409 | Website


If you’d like to make a direct donation, it can be difficult to know which organizations are reputable and using your money well. The Birmingham Zoo recommends the following:

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