Your guide to Fearless Fest, a wellness festival in Birmingham Feb. 29-March 1


Annie Damsky and Emilie Maynor of The Fearless Om. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The wellness community in Birmingham is thriving, and now’s the perfect time to get plugged in. Don’t miss Fearless Fest, a wellness festival in Birmingham, happening Feb. 29-March 1. Keep reading for a guide to the weekend—including ticket info and deets on 18+ classes and 12+ local vendors attending!

Find out more about the awesome ladies at The Fearless Om and more upcoming events like their new Deep Listening e-course, Sunia, happening in April!

What is Fearless Fest? ⭐

Fearless Fest is a two-day festival that celebrates self-care, self-study and community. Featuring over 18 classes and 12+ local vendors, attendees get the chance to learn, connect and enjoy the best of Birmingham’s wellness community first-hand.

This year, the wellness festival will be held Feb. 29-March 1 at Practice Works in Avondale, and both women and men are welcome to attend! Already interested? Day and weekend passes are available now.

Meet the Faces Behind the Wellness Festival 👋

For 10 years, Emilie Maynor (of Emilie Maynor Elemental Living) and Annie Damsky (of Villager Yoga) have been friends and co-teachers. They collaborated to create The Fearless Om with the goal of building a community of people living fearlessly. From their partnership, Fearless Fest was born.

“Three years ago we created Fearless Fest to build community and help connect people to wellness experiences they didn’t even know were available in Birmingham.

We wanted to show that there is a community in Birmingham doing interesting and powerful work and people are supporting its growth.”

The Fearless Om

What to Expect👇

Mark your calendars for Fearless Fest 2020 happening February 29 and March 1. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

At Fearless Fest, there is something for everyone. Each person can build their ideal weekend by choosing their preferred classes and experiences. Daily schedules are purposefully curated so that you can build a balanced experience from class sections including:

  • Active movement
  • Gentle movement
  • Meditation + sacred experiences
  • Thoughtful discussions

Active Movement 💫

Photo courtesy of The Fearless Om

Get moving in active class. Experience a healthy challenge and break a sweat in these dynamic offerings.

  • Healing Our Roots with Joanna Mann (Birmingham Yoga & Walden Farmacy)
  • Embody the Goddess with Maria Brito (Light On Yoga, Huntsville, AL) 
  • Rhythm & Flow with Lauren Vogel (Lifetime Fitness) and John Scalici (Get Rhythm) on drums
  • Psoas: Muscle of the Soul with Justinn Overton
  • Dance for Yogis with Whitney Renfroe (Forma Arts & Wellness)

Slow and Steady Movement 🌬️

Photo courtesy of The Fearless Om

If you’re craving strength, steadiness, and deep physical connection you’ll want to experience some of these amazing classes at Fearless Fest:

  • Finding Center with Pennie Nichols
  • Expansion, Contraction, & Flow with Sommerville Johnston
  • Yoga on the Wall with Becca Impello (Practice Works)
  • Dance for Yogis with Whitney Renfroe (Forma Arts & Wellness)
  • Fierce Grace with Whitney Zimmerman (Balance 30A, Santa Rosa, FL)
  • Letting Go: Weighted Yin Yoga with Sandra Agricola (Villager Yoga)

Meditation & Sacred Experiences 🧘

Namaste, Birmingham. Photo courtesy of The Fearless Om

Overall, the weekend is an opportunity for you to find your true center. The meditation and sacred experience offerings are diverse and meaningful.

  • 12 Chakra Meditation & Sacred Sound Journey with Sunny Graydon (Pura Vida Healing Arts Center)
  • Yin Yoga & Acupuncture with Terri Sellers and Foti Sardelis (Anthos)
  • Embody Your Divinity with Sheri Bagwell
  • Healing Circle with The Fearless Om 
  • Grounding Meditation with The Fearless Om
  • Spiral of Life with Jane C. Mayer

Thoughtful Discussion 💭

We got a sneak peak at Practice Works and it is incredible. The perfect place for Fearless Fest. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Feed your body and mind with thoughtful discussions at Fearless Fest. Throughout the weekend, you’ll hear from local teachers, business owners and more on topics like self-care and conscious consumption.

  • Self-Care, Self-Study, Community with The Fearless Om
  • Soul Revival: Tea Ceremony with Cameron Strouss (Deep Roots Apotheke)
  • Conscious Consumption Panel with Rebecca Millsap, Morgan Johnston (Club Duquette), Trevor Mann (Walden Farmacy) and Jake Carnley (Bungalow Bungalow)

Vendor Experiences 🌿✨

Photo courtesy of The Fearless Om

From virtual massages and tarot readings to plant and jewelry shopping, this year’s Fearless Fest vendor lineup is stacked with amazing experiences you don’t want to miss. Here’s a look at the local vendors you can expect to see throughout the weekend:

  • Tarot Readings from Good Witch Mama
  • Energy Healing with Terri Heiman
  • Harvest Roots Fermented Bar (plus Mocktail Social afterparty Saturday night)
  • Ecstatic Astrology chart readings
  • Reflexology (TBC)
Photo courtesy of The Fearless Om
  • The Relaxation Room Massage with Virtual Reality
  • Camellia Women’s Imaging
  • Prayer Arrows by Ann Rich
  • Botanica Plants
  • SOL Dance Experience Clothing & Accessories
  • MADE : clean skin care
  • Thai Massage
  • Woodland Arts & Herbs
  • Bitty’s Living Kitchen
  • Verra Studio Jewelry (TBC)

Already planning your schedule? Get detailed class descriptions with dates and times here.

Yes, you can actually do yoga on the wall at Fearless Fest 2020. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

And here’s a quick refresher:

  • What: Fearless Fest
  • When: Saturday, February 29 at 9AM  to Sunday, March 1 at 6PM
  • Where: Practice Works | 3613 6th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL
  • Price: Weekend Passes $127 | Day Passes $75 | Register here.

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