7 reasons to get excited about Birmingham’s Legacy Arena $125 million remodel (PHOTOS)


Legacy Arena at The BJCC exterior rendering
Designers have envisioned a whole new look for Legacy Arena at The BJCC. Rendering courtesy of Populous.

Birmingham’s Legacy Arena at The BJCC is about to get a major—$125 million—remodel, and we can’t wait!

From what we can tell, it’s gonna be awesome. Keep reading for renderings of proposed exterior spaces and more.

1. The Legacy Arena remodel will bring in light and fresh design.

Legacy Arena at The BJCC
Doesn’t this side-angle view of the reimagined Legacy Arena look inviting? Rendering via Populous.

If you’ve ever been to Legacy Arena for a concert or a sporting event, you’ll be as surprised as I was at the drawing that includes all those windows and all that light. It’ll open up the space in a big way, making it much more inviting.

Once it’d done, you’ll be able to see all your favorites, whether it’s Monster Jam, basketball, or big name entertainers like Cher, Chris Stapleton or others that you love. Of course you’ll still be able to see the big-name folks during the renovation. Keep reading for details.

2. The grounds around Legacy Arena will get a whole new look, too.

Aerial View of Legacy Arena and Grounds
A drone’s eye view of the new and improved Legacy Arena and grounds. Rendering courtesy of Populous.

Birmingham-based Macknally Land Design has envisioned much greener grounds around Legacy Arena. There’s no doubt what they have in store will help make the whole experience of going down there for events more enjoyable.

3. There will be tree-lined walkways to Legacy Arena.

Redesigned grounds at Legacy Arena at The BJCC
Designers envision tree-lined walkways between the street and Legacy Arena. Rendering courtesy of Populous.

Doesn’t that just feel relaxing, looking at it?

It’ll make walking to events at Legacy Arena more enjoyable, whether it’s with family, friends or a combination of the two.

4. And, you’ll still be able to see familiar views from certain angles.

Legacy Arena as seen from the street
Legacy Arena will have a new profile as seen from the street. Rendering courtesy of Populous.

For anyone who feels nostalgic at the thought of the familiar prominent appearance of Legacy Arena changing, never fear.

From certain angles, you’ll know you’re still headed to the scene of so many of your favorite events.

5. The Legacy Arena remodel is part of a complex improvement plan.

Details on the roof of the Sheraton Birmingham's lobby.
Looking up from the Sheraton Birmingham’s lobby. Photo by @alliebeeventures

The Sheraton Birmingham remodel is currently underway, and there’s a campus-wide Energy Savings project that’s going on in partnership with Alabama Power. The whole area will look and feel really different before too long.

6. Legacy Arena will close, probably early Spring 2020, for an estimated 17 months

Legacy Arena logo

Yes, we know the highway’s closed. Yes, we know the area around where Protective Stadium is being built is closed.

By Spring 2020, the highway will open up again. Then Legacy Arena will close for a while. Not forever, though, so never fear.

You’ll still be able to catch some of your favorites, and the BJCC will make sure your travel in and out is as smooth as possible during the transition. Check here for all you need to know before you go.

7. Meanwhile, the show must go on

Birmingham Children's Theatre will go on even during the remodel.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Photo from Birmingham’s Children’s Theatre via Facebook

The BJCC has worked hard to keep the events in Birmingham wherever possible. And, there will be a break in Arena-specific events during construction.

All of The BJCC’s events in the exhibit halls, concert halls, and theatre will continue as usual. So, make plans now to check out all the awesomeness at The BJCC and Uptown Birmingham:

Now let us hear from you, Birmingham: what are you most looking forward to with the Legacy Arena remodel? Tag us on social @bhamnow and let us know!

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