Owner of Fig Tree prepares to open new Mountain Brook restaurant this December.

The Mountain Brook restaurant is set to open in December.
Do you see this face? JP ain’t messing around when it comes to his gourmet creations. Photo via Fig Tree’s Facebook.

A new Mountain Brook restaurant is ready to take you into the 2020s by taking you back to the 1920s. JP Holland, owner and executive chef at Fig Tree, plans to open Watkins Branch Bourbon and Brasserie next month.

The speakeasy theme creates the perfect setting to send you into the next decade.

Why a Mountain Brook restaurant?

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Imagine a modern style speakeasy style – emerald green, smoky grays and a really clean version of your classic 20s speakeasy. Photo via Fig Tree’s Facebook.

The prohibition inspiration and restaurant’s name comes from Mountain Brook’s background. During the mid 1920s the area was referred to as “Watkins Branch.”

“We wanted to do a throwback and really respect the history of Mountain Brook”

JP Holland

Where did the idea for Watkins Branch Bourbon and Brasserie come from?

Meat sizzling on a pan.
JP studies Southern Food Anthropology to create dishes ranging from comfort food to more wild. Photo via Fig Tree’s Facebook.

JP and his sous-chef Alex Johnson are taking those special events held at Fig Tree such as the “no rules and regulations” dinners and giving them their own space.  Although Fig Tree is known for interesting dishes, JP wants to take worldwide dishes that don’t fit in and place them in a new home.

I’ll give you two words: elk burger.

Let’s talk menu

JP working in garden
From JP’s garden to your plate – it doesn’t get fresher than that! Photo via Fig Tree’s Facebook.

Currently, the new Mountain Brook restaurant will feature three main entrees: the aforementioned elk burger, a farm burger and a steak frites with truffle fries. In addition, there will also be a six to seven seasonal small plates.

However, JP and Alex are also taking simple dishes — like a cheese sandwich — and perfecting every ingredient used. If you’re curious what else you can find, JP says you’ll have to come see for yourself.

What can Fig customers expect to be different?

JP looks at a place of food.
This is how I look at all my food too. Photo via Fig Tree’s Facebook.

Just like The Fig Tree, Watkins Branch Bourbon and Brasserie will be imagination and pride driven. However, the atmosphere will border on slightly more elegant. 

Expect creative plate settings (I’m about to up my Instagram story game), and a funkier vibe. It’s sharper, it’s modern, but it is still a bar and customers can feel at home in a comfortable setting. 

“To me restaurants have a soul, and I want it to kind of speak and grow with me.”

JP Holland

Come see a different side of JP and Alex that you’ve never seen before.

Visit: Watkins Branch Bourbon and Brasserie will open December at 2708 Culver Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223.

While you’re waiting for Watkins Branch Bourbon to open, keep up with Fig Tree on Facebook.

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