7 places to get the most delicious chicken soup in Birmingham

Pho - basically Vietnamese chicken soup with noodles in Birmingham
Pho—Vietnamese noodle soup—at Saigon Noodle House on 280

It’s gonna be cold in Birmingham this weekend, and what better way to warm up than with a nice comforting bowl of chicken soup. Since I grew up in a house where chicken soup was referred to as “Jewish penicillin,” it’s my ultimate go-to for when someone’s sick.

It’s also the most comforting thing I can imagine eating when the weather turns really cold, like it’s about to do this weekend.

To come up with these recommendations, I polled the Bham Now team and some of our coworkers at Forge. We know there are a lot more places we don’t even know about, so we hope you’ll tag us on social @bhamnow and let us know who we missed. We love learning about new places.

1. Mile End Deli has matzoh ball soup.

matzoh ball chicken soup in Birmingham
The ultimate comfort food: matzoh ball soup. Photo from Mile End Deli via Facebook

Mile End Deli is known for their bagels, their reuben sandwiches, and all the other yummy things. Plus they’re right by Railroad Park, which makes the place super-convenient if you happen to be in the area.

But did you know about their matzoh ball soup? I wouldn’t even begin to know how to describe the deliciousness of a matzoh ball. They’re dense and fluffy and pure comfort.

Check out Mile End Deli’s menu.

2. Spoon and Ladle at the Pizitz (and sometimes at The Pig) has some tasty options.

Homemade chicken stock from spoon and ladle can make a great base for your homemade chicken soup

My coworkers’ favorites include chicken tortilla soup, chicken and green chile soup, and . . . they also have homemade chicken stock in case you like to make your own chicken soup.

Check out their menu and impressive list of stores, restaurants and markets all around the Birmingham metro area that carry their tasty soups.

3. Thai chicken soup, aka Tom yum soup, is amazing if you can like a little heat.

masamanthaikitchentomyumsoup 7 places to get the most delicious chicken soup in Birmingham
Tom yum soup from Masaman Thai Kitchen. Photo from Facebook

Tom yum is a coconut-milk based soup with a little kick, and when I remember to order it, I’m never disappointed.

Find it at any number of Thai restaurants around town, including:

4. Taziki’s homemade Greek lemon chicken soup is deelish.

Chicken soup and salad
Chicken soup and salad. Photo from Taziki’s via Facebook.

This one is perfect if you or someone you love feels a cold coming on and you want them to run in and grab some soup ready to go. That lemon adds a nice unexpected element, too.

Here’s their menu.

5. Zoe’s chicken and orzo soup hits the spot.

zoeschickenorzo 7 places to get the most delicious chicken soup in Birmingham
Chicken and orzo soup from Zoe’s is a treat when you need some comfort. Photo from Zoe’s via Facebook

This is another go-to when you want to grab some soup and go.

Check out their full menu here.

6. Eli’s Jerusalem Grill has chicken vegetable and chicken matzoh ball soup.

A couple of kinds of chicken soup at Eli's in Birmingham
Options, options. The one on the top left is lentil soup, in case you’re not in the mood for chicken soup. Photo from Eli’s Jerusalem Grill via Facebook.

I love this place for so many reasons. Their pita bread is soft and pillowy, and makes the perfect accompaniment to all the Middle Eastern vegetarian delights I could dream of. And, they have soups, too.

You’ll find Eli’s at The Pizitz and down 280. Check out their menu on the WAITR app.

7. Saigon Noodle House just off 280 gets rave reviews for their chicken soup.

pho 7 places to get the most delicious chicken soup in Birmingham
Doesn’t that look delightful? Photo from Saigon Noodle House

What’s not to love about Asian meals made fresh with authentic ingredients? In fact, I kind of wish I could go there right now for some of their healthy and fulfilling fare. Check out their menu for yourself.

We just gave you a bunch of options for places to go in Birmingham to get some warm, delicious chicken soup since the weather’s getting colder.

Now we want to hear from you, Birmingham. What are your favorite places to go for chicken soup?

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