6 Birmingham Inspired Halloween Costumes, including James Spann

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Birmingham inspired pumpkin carved by @imlainewhite. Photo via @InstagramBham

It’s officially SPOOKY season Birmingham! Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you wait until the last minute to find a costume.

The Magic City is a great place to get some inspiration. Here are 6 Birmingham inspired costumes that will have people asking for a photo-op all night long!

1. Vulcan

Run, Vulcan, run! Photo via Birmingham Track Club.

Let’s start with the big man himself, Vulcan! The world’s largest cast-iron statue stands tall overlooking all of Downtown Birmingham since the 1930s. Vulcan is the Roman god of fire and forge which reflects the city’s roots in the iron and steel industry.

What you’ll need:

For this costume, you’ll need to put together a “groutfit” (all grey outfit), grey beard, and small spear. Strong upper arms to strike his signature pose are not required, but extremely helpful.

Unlike the Vulcan statue, there’s no need for an exposed buttock! Trust me. People will still know who you are. Finish off the look with a pair of gladiator sandals and your costume is good to go!

2. Baron’s Baseball Player/ Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan circa 1994 as a Birmingham Baron. Photo via Pinterest.

Everyone knows Michael Jordan as one of the best basketball players of all time, but did you know he was once a Birmingham Baron? Jordan was assigned to the Barons roster March 31, 1994 to play his one and only season of professional baseball.

What you’ll need:

An authentic Jordan jersey circa 1994. Photo via Vintagekicksandfits on Etsy.

For this costume, you’ll need to grab a baseball jersey. Bonus points if it’s a Baron’s jersey! Even more bonus points if it has #45 on it! If you don’t have any of these on hand, the jersey could be an easy DIY project.

Grab a short sleeve, white buttondown and iron-on letters to create your very own Micheal Jordan baseball jersey. It may seem weird, but throwing a little dirt on it makes your costume look like you walked straight off the field.

3. James Spann

Respect the polygon Birmingham! Photo via Scoopnest.

Want to be a local legend? Look no further than one of Alabama’s most recognizable and influential weatherman, James Spann. Original B’ham even designed a t-shirt dedicated to him.

If the weather takes a turn for the worst, Spann will be on your television, in his suspenders, jacket off, urging you to “respect the polygon”. He means business Birmingham!

What you’ll need:

James Spann keeps it pretty simple. For this costume, all you’ll need is a white buttondown shirt (tucked in of course), black pants, a tie, and reading glasses. Most importantly, you’ll need suspenders!

His attire may be an on-going joke, but it’s one of Birmingham’s most reliable ways to tell the weather. No jacket? The weather threat is REAL. And remember that the higher the sleeve, the higher the severity.

4. Alexander Shunnarah

Call him Alabama! Photo via Daxko’s Facebook.

Speaking of local legends, Alexander Shunnarah is Alabama’s king of roadside billboards! If you live in Birmingham, you’ve definitely seen his commercials or passed several of his billboards on your daily commute.

What you’ll need:

Mr. Shunnarah approves! Photo via Cosplay in America.

Alexander Shunnarah keeps it simple, classy, and professional. The basis of your costume is a suit and tie. It’s the DIY billboard that’s the real WOW factor. You’ll need lightweight cardboard, paint and/or colored paper, and most importantly some creativity!

Master Shunnarah’s key catchphrase, “Call me Alabama”, and you’ll be stuntin’ like this local attorney in no time.

5. Miss Fancy the Elephant

Miss Fancy at Avondale Park. Photo from Bhamwiki.com

True Birmingham natives will love this costume! Miss Fancy, the elephant, was once the main attraction at Avondale Zoo (the first official Birmingham zoo).

The historic story of the beloved elephant inspired some of Avondale’s restaurants. Avondale Brewing adopted Miss Fancy as their mascot. Fancy’s on 5th incorporated the elephant’s name in their own name.

What you’ll need:

This Birmingham inspired costume is elephant-astic! Photo via Pinterest.

Assemble a “groutfit”(grey outfit) of your choosing. It’s all about the accessories with this costume. DIY or purchase an elephant truck and ears to finish the ensemble. The good thing about Miss Fancy is that you can make this costume as elaborate as you wish.

If you’re 21 and up, carry your favorite Avondale Brewing Company can for that extra reference to Miss Fancy. Bonus points if you choose the Miss Fancy’s Tripel brew!

6. Electra Statue

“Electra” by Max Wolfe

Last but not least is the power goddess herself, Electra. She has stood atop the Alabama Power building since 1926. Originally dubbed “The Divinity of Light”, Electra stands 23 feet tall as lightning projects from her hair.

What you’ll need:

Be Birmingham’s favorite golden girl! Photo via Pinterest.

To become Birmingham’s own golden girl, you’ll want to deck out in all gold! That means a gold top, bottoms, dress, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and most importantly lightning bolts.

The lightning bolts can be a fun DIY project when you have a little extra time. Grab some cardboard, scissors, and gold spray paint! Don’t forget the most important part of the costume…her electrifying hair! To get Electra’s crown of bolts, you’ll need a golden headband you don’t mind getting a little glue on. Take those extra cardboard lightning bolts, cut them in half, and super glue them to the top of the headband.

What Birmingham inspired costumes did we miss? We’re open to all suggestions! Let us know on social @BhamNow!

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