Gatos & Beans, Birmingham’s cat cafe, sets up Go Fund Me campaign after break-in

Sound the alarm! Gatos & Beans—Birmingham’s first and only cat cafe—was broken into the night of Saturday, October 5. Now, this beloved feline animal shelter is asking for your help.

First Things First—Are the Cats Okay?!

If you don’t know what Gatos and Beans is, here’s a quick explanation. It’s the brain child of Kelli and Stephen Steward who decided to create a show that featured a cat adoption center as well as a cafe with food and drinks. Learn more.

According to a post on Gatos and Beans’ Facebook page, no sweet kitties were harmed during the event. Relief! 

But, after such an eventful night, these lovable cats could definitely use a cuddle sesh. So be sure to pay them a visit and give them some love.

What Went Down?

So back to what went down during the night of Saturday, October 5. 

During the break-in, the door to Gatos and Beans’ was shattered, along with extra security reinforcements. The repairs will cost $3,000. 

Oh dear! That’s definitely a lot of money, but oh-so worth it to keep this shop and its shelter cats safe.

How Can You help?

Photo via Gatos and Beans

There are two ways you can help Gatos and Beans and the precious cats they provide shelter for:

  1. Donate to the company’s Go Fund Me campaign
  2. Spread the word by sharing the company’s Go Fund Me campaign.

Currently, just $405 have been raised. Show your love for this amazing company by helping them reach their fundraising goal. Donate now!