Here are 4 things you missed at the first Le Dîner en Blanc in Birmingham (PHOTOS)

Diner en Blanc guests
Guests at a Le Dîner en Blanc event. Photo from Le Dîner en Blanc via Facebook

If you happened to be walking past 20th Street North around dinner time on Saturday you wouldn’t have been able to miss crowds of folks in white living it up at Birmingham’s inaugural Dîner en Blanc event.

And boy was this event like no other!

1—Forget those old “No white after Labor Day” rules

Dîner en Blanc
Everybody looked amazing. Photo by Vicky Lewis for Bham Now

Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. No white after Labor Day? Well, those rules didn’t apply here.

Luckily, I had a few white options already in my closet so I didn’t have to go on a last-minute shopping spree. All dressed up and ready to go, a friend and I headed downtown to get there a little early.

2—We didn’t even know where the event was going to take place until right before it started

Le Diner en Blanc
Everything looked incredible—the guests, the tables, the centerpieces . . . Photo by Vicky Lewis for Bham Now

As we walked towards the (still) super-secret locale, my jaw dropped. We just happened to walk past a meeting point where attendees were waiting for the instructions to head on down.

Just imagine hundreds of people dressed head to toe in white carting tables, chairs, and who knows what else. They were all dressed to impress I might add.

I know it was a sight to see because a few people stopped us to ask if they missed the wear all white memo!

3—Dîner en Blanc was a sight to behold, and not just because everyone was dressed in white

Dîner en Blanc
Isn’t that table just gorgeous? Photo by Vicky Lewis for Bham Now

At 6:15PM on the dot, that sea of white began their processional onto the blocked off piece of 20th Street North.

Once they arrived the fun really began. Out came the tables, chairs, dishes, and wildly creative centerpieces. All handmade and seemingly made to be showstoppers.

It was obvious that those who came out to the event had been planning and designing their individual aesthetic for quite some time.

Groups started arranging their tables, chatting ensued and live accordion tunes were heard all throughout the street.

4—900 guests came for the meal, the dancing and the sparklers

Dîner en Blanc
So much attention to detail, even down to the toenail polish. Photo by Vicky Lewis for Bham Now

One group after another arrived on the scene until 900 guests were ready and accounted for. Then the festivities could really begin.

In a wave, up came their white dinner napkins signaling “dinner time.” Then out came the DJ, sparklers and dancing shoes. And the rest was history.

Birmingham definitely did this 31-year-old event justice and I hope to see Dîner en Blanc back in the Magic City!

Vicky Lewis
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