Don’t miss All the Stars in the Sky—Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Sensory Friendly Concert. Sunday, September 22 at 3PM

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All the Stars in the Sky, a Sensory Friendly Concert by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra  September 22, 2019. Photo via ASO

Kids and adults on the autism spectrum should be able to enjoy a concert like anyone else. For the third year the Alabama Symphony Orchestra will present All the Stars in the Sky, a Sensory Friendly Concert on Sunday, September 22 (3PM) at UAB’s Alys Stephens Center. Find out what you can expect from attending this event which is inclusive for the whole family.  Get tickets for All the Stars in the Sky.

All the Stars in the Sky: Sensory Friendly Concert

The ASO will again partner with Kulture City, the Autism Society of Alabama and the ASO Junior Patrons to present All the Stars in the Sky, a Sensory Friendly Concert.

This performance is designed for people living with autism spectrum disorders, sensory and communication disorders, or learning disabilities, or anyone who wants a more casual concert experience.

“The significant impact the arts have on a community is immeasurable. As an organization whose mission is changing lives through music, we celebrate a commitment to artistic relevance by continuing to weave our third annual Sensory Friendly Concert into the fabric of Birmingham’s vibrant arts scene. It is a small but dynamic step to increase the arts accessibility in our community, a fundamental and crucial goal of our musicians, staff and stakeholders. Our partnerships with KultureCity and Autism Society of Alabama are vital to this program, providing outreach and support to help us diversify our audience in an essential and beautiful way.”

Maria Wilson, ASO Education Incentives Manager

Join the orchestra for a musical journey through vibrant dreams and the night stars, all the way to the beauty of a new sunrise!

Conductor Christopher Confessore says, “The orchestral selections will follow the progression from nighttime to sunrise. Most of the pieces are somewhat subdued and more relaxed in character. We are striving to create an auditory environment that welcomes and engages our audience members without overwhelming them.”

Christopher Confessore will conduct ASO’s Sensory Friendly Performance. Photo via ASO

The program includes Engelbert Humperdinck: Hansel and Gretel: Prelude, and Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 6 in D Major, Morning, I. Adagio-Allegro

Buy tickets for All the Stars in the Sky HERE.

What to expect at the sensory friendly concert

This event is tailored to those on the autism spectrum. It’s a family-friendly music event designed to be inclusive. Kids and adults on the spectrum may have hyper-sensitivity, where senses are overstimulated, or hypo-sensitivity, where senses are less responsive.

The ASO partnered with Kulture City to plan and review a performance for this underserved audience, ensuring:

  • Soft lighting
  • Materials to help you plan the visit including a social story and a visual schedule
  • Quiet rooms with sensory accommodations
  • Fun family program
  • Accessible seating

Generally these concerts will see a lot more moving around and talking which isn’t an issue. 

Need to go to the restroom during the performance? That’s okay.

How about moving towards the front for a closer look at the musicians or conducting the orchestra from your seat? No problem. Is it a bit loud? You may want to move to the back or just take five outside. Totally fine. There’s also a quiet room with sensory friendly accommodations

Don’t worry, you won’t be shushed and won’t be disturbing anybody if you need to express yourself.

There’s no dress code – so wear whatever you want!

Want to bring baby brother or baby sister with you for their first concert experience? Go for it!

The ASO are excited for the sensory performance according to Confessore. The highly regarded conductor said, “It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to present this event over the last two seasons. We received wonderful feedback and thanks from audience members and their extended families. We look forward to sharing the beautiful sounds and moods of the orchestra with our friends at this special concert again this season”.

Get your tickets for ASO’s All the Stars in the Sky now!

All the Stars in the Sky: Sensory Friendly Concert is at UAB’s Alys Stephens Center – Jemison Concert Hall, on Sunday September 22, 2019 at 3PM.

Tickets are $10 per seat, available online or by calling the box office at (205) 975-2787.

Scholarships are available for those in need. Please call (205) 314-6936 for more information.

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