Homewood Jack’s reopens with all-new design that’ll have you going back, back, back

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The crew at Jack’s in Homewood, AL. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Jack’s is back and better than ever in Homewood with an all-new design that shows off its Southern roots.

A Stroll Through Time

The first Jack’s in Homewood, AL. Photo via Jack’s

It was nearly 60 years ago that Jack’s fired up the grill for the very first time. But did you know that its very first location was in Homewood?

Originally known as Jack’s Hamburgers, this first location was a walk-up hamburger stand that served burgers, sodas, fries and shakes. This was back in the day when things actually cost 15 cents. Turns out your grandpa’s well-known phrase of “it only cost a nickel” was really true.

Check out the photos below for a look back at Jack’s.

Employees during Jack’s first years in business. Photo via Jack’s
Making hamburgers long ago at Jack’s. Photo via Jack’s

Jack’s Success

Staff at Jack’s in Homewood. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Built on a foundation of great service, great food and great people, the first Jack’s location quickly grew in popularity. Yep, they liked burgers and milkshakes just as much back then as we do now. So much so that today, Jack’s has grown across the Southeast with more than 170 locations in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia. And there are no plans of stopping.

Opening about 15 new stores a year across these four states, Jack’s holds the title as the largest quick-service restaurant headquartered in Alabama. High-five y’all!

Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

But the coolest part is that all of Jack’s success started in Homewood.

“This is a monumental occasion for our company, and we couldn’t be more excited about the reopening of our Homewood restaurant. This community holds a special place in the heart of our Jack’s family – being the location of our headquarters and the home of our very first restaurant. Homewood will forever be considered home to Jack’s.”

Julianna Hallman, Marketing Strategy and Planning Manager, Jack’s

Homewood—A Forever Home

Friendly staff at Jack’s in Homewood, AL. Photo via Wade Cline for Bham Now

Over the past 60 years, Jack’s has undergone many changes:

  • Innovations in their food and menu. Their menu has grown from just Hamburgers and fries to include a range of items from breakfast biscuits and sandwiches to chicken tenders and more!
  • Investments in their employees and communities.
  • Location expansions and redesigns.

But while Jack’s has rolled out new and improved changes over the years, one thing has stayed the same—their first and forever home was and always will be Homewood. 

A Peek At Homewood’s Newly-Updated Jack’s

Outside Jack’s in Homewood, AL. Photo via Wade Cline for Bham Now

This past May, the original Jack’s in Homewood closed for demolition and rebuild. For many locals, it left a prominent hole in their meal plans and a strong hope that it really would reopen. Luckily, the hole has now been refilled because Jack’s officially reopened its doors on September 9. 

The new design concept is totally worth seeing, too. I got the chance to check it out before opening day and it was totally awesome! 

New and improved interior of Jack’s in Homewood, AL. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Here’s what’s featured:

  • A window spotlighting the store’s biscuit maker. Yep, you can actually watch fresh biscuits being made each and every day!
  • Large circular tables that seat up to 10. 
  • An outdoor, wraparound porch with additional seating and rocking chairs. 
Jack’s, Homewood, AL. Photo via Wade Cline for Bham Now

The rocking chairs are one of my favorite additions. They are super comfy and also offer great views of 19th Street South in Homewood.

Check It Out

Jack’s is all about family. Photo via Wade Cline for Bham Now

As the original jingle said, “you’ll go back, back, back… to Jack’s, Jack’s, Jack’s… for more, more, more.” Check out the newly-updated Jack’s in Homewood and discover why this jingle still rings true. 

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