Can you tell the difference? We couldn’t! Impossible Whopper now for sale at Burger Kings in Birmingham

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Bham Nowers Wade and Jon react to shocking results of this challenge.

Calling all burger fans! Fast-food chain Burger King recently made a menu addition that’s now available right here in Birmingham, AL. It’s a take on their classic “Whopper,” but with a twist—it’s meatless. Our team tried out the Impossible Whopper in a blind taste test! Check out the results.

What’s so impossible about it?

Looks the same to me.

They’re calling it the “Impossible Whopper,” and describe it as, “100% Whopper, 0% beef.” It’s supposed to be nearly impossible to differentiate it from real meat. Of course, Bham Now accepted the challenge.

Meat substitutes have exploded in variety and availability over the past few years. Gone are the days that bland tofu was the only option for those trying to reduce their meat intake.

These days, you can get pretty much any form of meat, sans-animal product! From meatballs to chorizo, breakfast sausage to steak—and now, a true American classic: the fast-food burger.

Prices may vary, but here in Birmingham, you can try your own for $5.39, or $7.89 for the meal.

There are several different plant bases from which these substitutions are made. The Impossible Whopper is created from a primarily soy blend, trademarked by Impossible Foods.

So—how does it compare?

Our Lineup

Bham Nower Samantha sinks teeth into challenge.

Bham Now rounded up our most qualified team members and headed to the nearest Burger King! Also, when I say “most qualified,” I’m not kidding—these guys really know their beef.

  • Jacob: Red meat connoisseur. Reported 10/10 confidence pre-challenge.
  • Jon: Father actually owns “a small herd of cattle.” Keeps a freezer full of beef and cooks lots of burgers. Remember these details. Reported 9/10 confidence pre-challenge.
  • Nathan: Lifelong burger fan. Reported 6/10 confidence pre-challenge.
  • Samantha: Former bona fide food writer. Claims, “There are some flavors that plants just can’t fully replicate.” Reported 9/10 confidence, pre-challenge.
  • Wade: Boldly states, “I eat beef all the time.” Reported 10/10 confidence pre-challenge.

The Results

Wade (left) incredulous by his incorrect choice. Jon (right) laughs victoriously.

The original Whopper and the Impossible Whopper were purchased, unwrapped, and divided out of sight of the competitors. Each challenger was delivered two seemingly identical burger portions and asked to identify which one contained beef, and which did not.

You’ll remember our team’s collective confidence going into this was 44 out of 50. After poking, sniffing, tasting, considering, and choosing, the Bham Now success rate was…

(Drumroll please) twenty percent!! That’s right, our resident Welshman, Jon, was the ONLY team member to successfully identify the meat-free option.

The other four found it—shall we say—impossible.

Try It For Yourself

Bham Nower Nathan smiles in the face of defeat.

We challenge you to a taste test! Check out 10 Burger Kings all across Birmingham and swing by one soon to pick up your own Impossible Whopper.

Could you tell a difference? Let us know!

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