6 startups pitching for $150K at EDPA’s Alabama Launchpad finale. Attend imerge2019 August 28 to celebrate ‘Alabama’s next first’


Bham Now Imerge Alabama Launchpad Finale
6 companies will pitch to win part of $150,000 Alabama Launchpad funding at imerge2019 on August 28. Photo via EDPA

The next generation of Alabama’s innovators will pitch to win part of $150,000 funding on offer from the EDPA at Cycle 3 of the Alabama Launchpad competition in Birmingham on Thursday, August 28. The finale forms part of imerge2019, a special event to celebrate Alabama’s past, present and future role in the space race.

What is Alabama Launchpad?

Alabama Launchpad is a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA) to mentor Alabama’s entrepreneurs, offer a platform to drive innovation, and present an opportunity to compete for major, non-dilutive seed funding.

Cycle 3 of Alabama Launchpad takes place during imerge2019, at Iron City Birmingham, Wednesday, August 28.

Read our preview: 5 reasons to attend imerge2019 and get tickets here to see 6 companies pitch for part of $150,000.

6 emerging companies competing for $150K at imerge2019 

Seed Stage – competing for  $100K

1) Immediate

Woman using cell phone and laptop.

Alabama Launchpad Finale
ImmediatePay; a software platform offering easy access pay to hourly earners. Photo by William Iven

Home base: Birmingham

Why we need it: Studies estimate 138 million Americans are financially unhealthy, in many cases living paycheck to paycheck and often leveraging credit card debt, title loans and payday lending to cover daily living expenses. In Alabama, payday loans can be as high as 456% APR, perpetuating the cycle of financial instability and creating negative economic impact throughout the state.

Solution: The financial health platform, ImmediatePay, allows employers to provide their employees with daily access to earned – not yet paid – wages through an easy-to-use app. ImmediatePay alleviates dependency on costly lending services while improving employee morale, reducing turnover and ultimately stimulating local economies through greater fund availability. 

Website: www.immediate-solutions.com

2) Suture Health

Doctor using a tablet device
Suture Health; a medical SaaS company enabling electronic signatures for physicians. Photo via Suture Health

Home Base: Birmingham, AL

 Why We Need It: Healthcare is one of the few remaining industries that rely on the fax machines which creates high operating costs due to its lack of intelligence, unreliability and high administrative burden. Physician burnout is already a serious problem and after the implementation of electronic medical record systems, documents from outside organizations are a significant source of frustration while the companies requesting physician signature cannot bill without signed documents.

Suture Health’s Solution: Suture Health offers an electronic signature network, SutureSign, that enables all senders and signers to work on a common platform, leveraging the network effect and offering signers and senders a one-stop shop to exchange and sign clinical documents.

Website: www.suturesign.com

3) ZONE Insect Repellents

Mosquito repellent
Alabama Launchpad Finale

Zone Repellents; a DEET-free, natural insect repellent. Photo by Erop Kameneb

Home base: Decatur, AL

Why we need it: DEET-Free solution for mosquito and tick protection

Zone Repellents solution: Zone Insect Repellent is made with Picaridin and Vanillin, EPA approved for 12 hours of protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, chiggers and no-seems.  Safe for everyone including children and pregnant women. Feels great on the skin and smells Great! Available in non-scented for sensitive skin and Invisible Hunter for protection in the woods. Zone also has a line of highly effective animal repellents.

Website: www.zonerepellents.com

Concept Stage – competing for $50,000

4) Conserv

Woman looking at art
CONSERV; a software and hardware solution for conservationists. Photo via CONSERVE

Home base: Birmingham, AL

Why We Need It: Conservation professionals work tirelessly every day to prevent damage to art and cultural collections around the world, to preserve these collections for generations. Unfortunately, art and cultural collections are at risk because there aren’t quality hardware and software tools built specifically for conservation professionals.

Conserv’s Solution: Conserv builds sensor and software solutions that empower conservation professionals everywhere to do more. Our Conservation Studio software and Smart Conservation sensor work together to ensure that we can proactively prevent damage to the world’s 450,000+ art and cultural collections.

Website: www.conserv.io

5) till

Fresh produce
till; a subscription service for farmers market products. Photo via Till

 Home Base: Birmingham

 Why we need it: Today, acquiring locally grown foods at farmer’s markets come with challenges like crowds, weather, limited selection and parking. Despite supermarket delivery services bringing convenience to families, sourcing healthy, locally grown organic food is as difficult as ever.

Till’s solution: Now, with till, you can peruse the same farms at the market on your phone or computer from the comfort of anywhere. And, after you submit your custom order of farm-fresh goods, choose whether you want to pick it up or have it delivered to your doorstep. All while supporting local, Alabama based farms. 

Website: www.usetill.com 

6) Need2Say

Woman smiling and looking at cell phone
Need2Say; a language and pronunciation app for language learners. Photo via Need2Say

Home base: Birmingham

 Why we need it: Language apps have transformed the traditional way people learn a foreign language – by teaching new vocabulary, grammar, use of words, and translation. But for international students and foreign professionals whose jobs and careers depend upon language proficiency skills, the old ways do not provide the immediate assistance those professionals need.

Need2Say’s solution: Need2Say takes this language learning transformation one step further – by providing a solution for real world, real time language assistance. Rather than wait until they have time to study, Need2Say helps international students and foreign professionals improve their speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills at the exact moment they need it.

Website: www.need2say.com

Attend the Alabama Launchpad finale at imerge2019

Imerge 2019 EDPA Alabama Launchpad Finale

imerge2019 hosted by The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama is being held Wednesday, August 28, at Iron City, Birmingham, AL.

Limited tickets remain! Early bird tickets start from $75 and VIP tickets for $125 are available HERE

Event schedule:

3.30PM – Doors open

4PM – Alabama Launchpad Finale

5-10PM – Networking, plus Black Jacket Symphony performs Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Awards for lifetime in innovation, Apollo 11: The Director’s Cut, Keynote Speaker: Lt. General Steven Kwast.

Do not miss out! Limited tickets remain, available HERE.

Apply for the 2019 Cycle 4 competition

It’s not too late to pitch your startup for consideration at the last Alabama Launchpad of 2019 taking place in Troy, Thursday, November 14, 2019. 

The application deadline is  Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

Full details can be found at www.alabamalaunchpad.com 

Alabama Launchpad is brought to you by the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama

Sponsored by:

Alabama Launchpad imerge 2019 6 startups pitching for $150K at EDPA’s Alabama Launchpad finale. Attend imerge2019 August 28 to celebrate ‘Alabama’s next first’
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