La-Z-Boy’s new face: Kristen Bell! Get her top 3 picks right here in Birmingham


kristen La-Z-Boy's new face: Kristen Bell! Get her top 3 picks right here in Birmingham

You might be scratching your head. Kristen Bell? Star of The Good Place? Veronica Mars? And Frozen? The answer is yes, yes, yes and yes. Now we can also answer yes to “La-Z-Boy Ambassador.” It’s got a nice ring to it. See 3 of her top La-Z-Boy furniture picks, plus where to find them right here in Birmingham.

Kristen’s Riveting, Albeit Rocky, Road to Reclining Bliss

Kristen was officially named the brands latest ambassador in May 2019 after her and her husband, Dax Shepard, had a very public—but loving—spat on Instagram regarding the location of Dax’s La-Z-Boy recliner back in 2017.

Dax decided the recliner deserved to be right in the middle of the screen, which just so happens to also be in the middle of the living room. Kristen was not happy. And from Instagram, it went viral. Dax even went on The Ellen Show to plead his case.

La-Z-Boy caught wind of the tiff, and decided to get involved. Now Kristen is the face of La-Z-Boy. This year she told Apartment Therapy that when she first got the call, she thought they had the wrong number. But after realizing all of the different types of furniture La-Z-Boy makes, she was sold.

Here’s a quote from the interview:

Kristen Bell: “I think it was exciting for me to help people understand that they don’t just make recliners having actually gone through that mental transformation myself. To say nothing of the fact that they’re born and raised in Michigan and I’m a Michigander. They’ve been around for 90 years, they’re manufactured in the U.S… there are so many boxes I have to check when I work with a company. I have to really believe in it. There’s a lot I like about La-Z-Boy.”

WWKD? (What Would Kristen Do?)

Now that you’re all caught up, aren’t you even the slightest bit curious to check out all this amazing furniture Kristen’s been talking about?

Well, we thought you might be… So we met up with Curt Morris, one of the owners at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Birmingham to talk about the partnership with Kristen Bell—Plus, 3 of our favorite pieces—picked by Kristen, of course—that you can shop right here in Birmingham.

Curt Morris: “This year we’ve taken on Kristen Bell as our brand ambassador. She has a brightness, a freshness, a lighter tone—and it reflects with so many people. She’s made her own personal picks of the pieces she’d like to have in her own home… She’s fun, she’s lively and she has a fresh perspective. We’re really proud to have her.”

Kristen’s Picks:

The Midtown Recliner

IMG 4757 La-Z-Boy's new face: Kristen Bell! Get her top 3 picks right here in Birmingham
We spotted this stylish recliner at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Greystone. And of course we tried it out. The verdict: It’s a winner. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Yep, you read that right. This is a recliner. *Hold for applause.* Obviously Kristen would go for the comfortability of a recliner that has the look of a super stylish seat. The Midtown has a low wooden block foot and is covered in customizable + chic fabric. So, if we wouldn’t have told you this was a recliner, you never would have known. Right?

The Alexandria Sofa

IMG 4745 La-Z-Boy's new face: Kristen Bell! Get her top 3 picks right here in Birmingham
This sofa is so Kristen. It’s light and airy, with a classic shape—but still looks warm, inviting and most of all, comfortable. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Kristen definitely got it right with this one. The Alexandria Sofa checks all the boxes. It’s modern and stylish, with button back seating and tapered wooden legs. It’s comfortable and inviting, with plenty of space to cuddle up. And most of all it’s totally customizable, so no one can use the excuse of “the fabric isn’t my style.”

The Rowan Wall Recliner

IMG 4760 La-Z-Boy's new face: Kristen Bell! Get her top 3 picks right here in Birmingham
The hand lever brings back so many memories. All we are missing is old leather, a burgundy rug and an entertainment system that takes up an entire wall. Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

You know we had to throw a traditional recliner in here. This is The Rowan, and no it’s not your grandpa’s La-Z-Boy recliner. It’s contemporary, with the arced arms and angled back. But, you still get familiar comfort with 18 positions of foot rest and complete reclining. It’s the La-Z-Boy we all know and love, just with a new flair.

Shop Kristen’s Picks at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Birmingham 🛋️

Like what you see? You can shop alllll of these picks and more at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Birmingham. Find a location near you here, and keep up with Kristen’s latest trends and tips on social @LazyBoy.

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