It’s HOT outside. 5 ways to handle the Birmingham heatwave

Screen Shot 2019 08 12 at 4.12.39 PM It's HOT outside. 5 ways to handle the Birmingham heatwave
Heatwaves can be more than uncomfortable—they can be dangerous. Photo via National Weather Service

A heatwave is coming, a heatwave is coming! No, really—the National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning in Birmingham, AL for Tuesday, August 13. Here’s all you need to know, along with 5 actions to take to stay safe!

16 Central AL Counties Under Alert

Screen Shot 2019 08 12 at 3.40.20 PM It's HOT outside. 5 ways to handle the Birmingham heatwave
Affected areas outlined via Google Public Alerts

The National Weather Service in Birmingham has issued an Excessive Heat Warning, which is in effect from 7 PM this evening to 9 PM CDT Tuesday.

National Weather Service Alerts

Temperatures will climb into the middle and upper 90s during the beginning of this week. However, the heat index will range from 103-108 on Monday afternoon, and 110 to 115 Tuesday afternoon.

1. Bring in your Pets

Screen Shot 2019 08 12 at 3.20.32 PM It's HOT outside. 5 ways to handle the Birmingham heatwave
Graphic and information via Roncesvalles Animal Hospital

If you have dogs, cats, or other small animals who normally live outside, bring them inside! Make sure they have water available.

If you have horses or other large animals, be sure to keep them in a shaded area, give them lots of fresh, cool water, and check on them frequently. Large fans or misting can be helpful as well!

2. Check on your Relatives & Neighbors

DSC 7057 It's HOT outside. 5 ways to handle the Birmingham heatwave
That Birmingham community spirit is exhibited all the time in the Magic City! It is so important for us to look out for our neighbors, especially during extreme weather. Photo via United Way of Central Alabama

If you have elderly or shut-in neighbors and relatives, drop by and check on them! Make sure they have everything they need and let them know they can call you if necessary.

3. Eat Cool!

Don’t turn the oven or stovetop on. Make a salad or a sandwich instead!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and make sure your kids do, too.

Looking for some sweet treats to cool down with? Check out our 10 favorite summer popsicles, or 21 delicious ice cream shops in Birmingham.

4. Stay Inside

Some Birmingham kiddos are back in school this week, but for the little ones, don’t miss these 8 places to take your kids when it’s too hot out.

Adults—a few of those options are no-kids-required, such as the Birmingham Art Museum! One of our resident Bham Nowers claims that movie theatres have great AC, so go catch a flick while you cool off.

5. Triple-Check the Backseat!

AKC It's HOT outside. 5 ways to handle the Birmingham heatwave
Even if the windows are lowered, pets and kids still should never be left in a hot car. Photo via American Kennel Club.

We’ve all heard the horror stories, and you may think it could never happen to you! Before you get out of your car, triple-check and make sure you’re not locking a child, pet, or even an adult in a hot vehicle.

In these temperatures, it only takes minutes for a hot car to become dangerous and even deadly.

Stay safe out there, Birmingham! Let us know how you’re staying cool by tagging us on social @BhamNow

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