Earn while you learn: Innovate Birmingham to team up with Central Six AlabamaWorks for IT Apprenticeship Program. Apply by July 26!

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Innovate Birmingham candidates speaking at a past Demo Day. Photo Submitted

Innovate Birmingham and Central Six AlabamaWorks are joining forces to get Birmingham working—specifically in tech. This fall, Central Six AlabamaWorks will launch their approximately 17 month long Information Technology Apprenticeship Program. And with the help of Innovate Birmingham, they’re getting local tech talent in the field, earning while they learn and on their way to a career in software development.

More on the Central Six AlabamaWorks IT Apprenticeship Program

Central Six Alabama Works is a workforce development council, dedicated to supporting the regional economy by providing quality job opportunities to Alabama’s diverse range of employers and population. Therefore, they are creating clear pathways, allowing workers to progress and work their way up in their careers.

Innovate Birmingham + Central Six AlabamaWorks are giving tech talent the knowledge and resources they need to make an IT career a reality. Photo Submitted

The IT Apprenticeship Program, which launches Aug./Sept. 2019, will last approximately 17 months—or approximately 2500 on-the-job training hours. Apprentices will have the unique opportunity to learn and develop the technical skills needed for a successful career in the IT industry straight from the industry professionals themselves. Not only are apprentices learning crucial skills, they are also making priceless connections with local employers—getting their foot in the door in a matter of months.

Apprentices will receive:

  • paid work experience
  • related instruction
  • mentorship
  • professional employability skills
  • and portable + nationally-recognized credential 

First Thing’s First: The Innovate Birmingham Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Seriously, this group was amazing to watch at Demo Day. You don’t juts leave these programs with a job, you leave with friends and an entire network of people you can lean on for direction. Photo Submitted

Similarly, Innovate Birmingham is also a local workforce development program led by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) that prepares young talent for IT jobs. They offer courses, free of charge, like Software Engineering and Data Analytics. Their goal is to not only train and prepare students for tech jobs, but also connect them to local employers and help them take the next steps towards acquiring a career in the tech industry.

The Innovate Birmingham Pre-Apprenticeship Bootcamp will work hand-in-hand with the apprenticeship program, providing training and instruction for applicants before the program. 

At the Innovate Birmingham Software Development Bootcamp, candidates will:

  • develop skills in C#, React, JavaScript and SQL
  • learn how to write simple programs, as well as test and debug programs
  • learn how to classify end user problems, document problem solutions and perform data analyses
The classroom setting at Innovate Birmingham is really cool to see. It makes the phrase “College isn’t for everyone” actually take shape. Photo Submitted

If you complete the pre-apprenticeship program AND get accepted as an apprentice, you will receive credit for your instruction time during the pre-apprenticeship. If you don’t complete the pre-program with Innovate Birmingham, you still have the chance to test into the apprenticeship! All you have to do is complete the skills assessment sent to you after submitting your application to Central Six Alabama Works.

Applications for the Pre-Apprenticeship Program are due Aug. 9, and classes start Sept. 4. Apply here!

Have you made it this far and still don’t know what an apprenticeship is? Let me answer a few questions for you:

What is an Apprenticeship?

GREAT question. It’s very simple. An apprenticeship is a job. But it’s not just any job. You’re gaining wayyyy more than just experience. Apprentices can get paid work experience, mentorship, notable credentials and so much more. It’s a dynamic opportunity that helps bridge the gap between education and employment.

It’s amazing to see so many women candidates at Innovate Birmingham! Read more on why they are passionate about that here. Photo Submitted

Who Will I Apprentice For?

Central Six AlabamaWorks and Innovate Birmingham have partnered with local businesses who are willing to provide apprenticeships for accepted. You’ll participate in an interview with the employer to determine eligibility and if offered a position, will work during the day and receive on-the-job training at work. So far, these employer partners include Sigao Studios and Protective Life.

How Much Money Will I Make? 

Each apprentice will receive a competitive entry-level wage and applicable benefits depending on the company’s eligibility requirements. Wage increases happen as you complete different trainings and work, meeting and exceeding the company’s standards.

How to Apply

One of the best things about this program? Anyone interested in pursuing technical skills and a career in information technology is eligible! There’s no age restriction or experience required—all you need is work ethic and passion!

Innovate Birmingham candidates dressed to impress during a day of instruction. Photo Submitted

Apprenticeship applications if you don’t plan on participating in Innovate Birmingham’s pre-apprenticeship program are due by 5PM Friday, July 26th. And you can apply here. After you apply, you’ll receive more info including a day and time to interview and a skills assessment if applicable. Following the interview, you will be contacted directly by the company if you are offered a position in the apprenticeship program. 

If you’re interested in the pre-apprenticeship at Innovate Birmingham, applications Aug. 9, and classes start Sept. 4. Apply here!

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*Disclosure: The sponsor will not discriminate against apprenticeship applicants or apprentices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability, or if they are a person 40 years or older. The sponsor will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under 29 CFR | 30. 
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