Need the perfect gift idea? Here are 6 curated gift sets for anyone on your list from Birmingham based Freedom Soap Co.


Freedom Soap Co.’s new shaving set is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Looking for the perfect gift for a college grad, bridesmaid or for Father’s Day?  We got ya covered with some help from Birmingham based Freedom Soap Co.  Give all natural, eco friendly, locally made and thoughtfully curated Freedom Soap gift sets.

For the One With the Green Thumb… 🌿

*Disclaimer: No green thumb is actually required to enjoy Freedom Soap products. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Feeling inspired after a trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens? Gift these garden goodies to any plant lovin’ friend. The ‘Green Thumb’ gift set Includes a Chartreuse Green Turkish T hand towel, 4 oz Whipped Shea Butter Lotion, Coffee + Peppermint, Sage + Lemon, Eucalyptus + Mint, and Lavender soaps.

“The Lemon + Sage, Eucalyptus + Mint, and Lavender soaps feature herbs anyone could grow in their own garden. The Coffee + Peppermint soap makes for an excellent exfoliant after working in the garden or yard, and the lotion is great for replenishing the skin after being in the sun.”

For the One Who Loves to be Pampered…🧴

The epitome of self care: soaps, sprays, balms and oils. Big yes from us. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

It’s called self care… Look it up! This is the perfect set for anyone who loves all things skincare. The ‘Pampered’ gift set includes 2 oz Cleansing Oil, Rose + Cedarwood Toning Water, Lip Balm and Rose Clay Soap.

“The cleansing oil can be used as a singular cleanser or as a secondary cleanser/moisturizer.  If the latter, I recommend that one first washes their face with the Rose Clay soap and towel dry.  Then follow up with the cleansing oil in the same way you would to wash your face—put a few drops on your fingertips and massage into your skin, then wipe off with a warm washcloth. The toning water can be used as a facial and/or body spray to give you a free and clean feeling.”

For the One With the Little One… 🚼

Loving the versatility of this bag and towel. We love multi-use products. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

This set is gentle and safe for both mom and baby, so it would make the perfect shower gift. The towels come in a variety of colors and the terry cloth bags come in five colors: blue, pink, grey, white and cream. The ‘Mom-to-Be’ gift set Includes an 8 oz bottle of Whipped Shea Butter lotion, lip balm, Plain Jane soap, French Blue terry cloth makeup bag/diaper bag, and Navy Honeycomb Turkish T hand towel/burp cloth.

“The Plain Jane soap is perfect for any mom who may have an aversion to smells—it’s gentle enough for baby too! The whipped shea butter lotion is super moisturizing for mom and baby as well. Use before the baby arrives on mom’s belly and after baby arrives for any newborn rashes or eczema.”

For the One Who Won’t Splurge on Himself… 💈

*Twig not included* Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and this set is perfect for all those Birmingham dads. No more grill tools or collared shirts—Dad’s skin matters too, so spoil him with this set. The ‘Treat Yourself’ gift set includes their new Shave Soap, a Shave Brush, Bowl, Cleansing Oil, and Turkish T hand towel.

“Our new Shave Soap is a 4oz all natural, palm oil free soap, and when used with our Shave Brush, it provides a luxurious lather for shaving. Before shaving, use our cleansing oil to wash away dirt, replenish moisture and fight dryness.”

For the One You Want to Tell, “Thank You”… 💛

Sweet and simple. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Show the people in your everyday life how much you appreciate them with a simple ‘Thank You’ gift set. Start small with a bar of soap and lip balm, and add on a hand towel or soap dish to customize it! Freedom Soap offers Susan Gordon Pottery dishes with gold trim available in French Blue, Mint, Grey or White. Or for a more rustic vibe, check out their wooden dishes made by Birmingham based Magic City Woodworks.

For the One That’s All In… 🛀

Can’t get enough of Freedom Soap. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Can’t pick favorites? Get them all. The ‘All In’ gift set includes one of each Freedom Soap product and three soaps!

For More Than the One… 🧼

Need to order in bulk for bridesmaids or employees? Check out their site to make a custom gift set. You can fill out the form—letting them know the occasion and amount—and they can help you decide on what products would be the best fit!

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