6 low-maintenance reasons to love Avondale’s Cottages on Fifth. Act fast. Only 3 left!


Cottages on Fifth provides simple, elegant city living.
Cottages on Fifth—simple, elegant city living. Photo by Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

Once upon a time in Birmingham, the options for new, upscale single-family housing near the city center were almost nonexistent. Now, there’s Cottages on Fifth in Avondale. Not only are they close to all kinds of fun things, they’re ridiculously energy efficient and low-maintenance. Read on for all the details.

1. You’ll use way less electricity and natural gas

Cottages on Fifth uses less electricity and natural gas.
Coal by Kolia Fotki. CC BY-ND 2.0

Did you know that a lot of “clean energy” in Alabama comes from burning coal and natural gas?

So, if you want to reduce your personal carbon footprint, you’ll use way less energy to heat and cool your super-energy efficient home at Cottages on Fifth.

2. Avondale’s Cottages on Fifth are more energy efficient than 99% of homes in the US

The HERS Score at Cottages on Fifth means they are more energy efficient than 99% of homes in the US.

Cottages on Fifth recently earned an exceptional HERS© (Home Energy Rating System) rating of 58. For the layperson, this is amazing, as the average new home scores a 100 on this rating scale. This means that Cottages on Fifth is 42% more efficient than a typical new home built to 2019 code specifications. Doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Cutting edge Zip© System wraps each home

The cutting edge Zip System wraps each home at Cottages on Fifth.
The Zip System increases these homes’ efficiency. Photo from Facebook

If you’re a construction geek who likes to dig into such things, you can learn more about the fancy Zip System and see for yourself how it wraps the home like a blanket, keeping things nice and energy-efficient.

4. Expected monthly energy cost is $81.75

Energy efficiency means money saved.
Dollars” by 401(k)2012. CC BY-SA 2.0

Whether you’re more of a details or more of a big picture kind of person, the bottom line is that homeowners can expect average monthly energy bills of $81.75. Keeping a home warm in the winter and cool in the Summer for that price in Birmingham, Alabama almost never happens.

5. Homeowner association fees at Avondale’s Cottages on Fifth include all yardwork

Finally, while it’s good to save energy of the natural gas and coal kind, it’s also nice to save your own energy. $55 a month in homeowner association (HOA) fees takes care of the green spaces at Cottages by Design. Hello relaxing and entertaining. Goodbye yard work.

6. Use less gas to get to work and to all your favorite hangout spots

The Rotary Trail is one of the many features close to Cottages on Fifth.
Rotary Rainbow. From Picture Birmingham

“Co5” is a stone’s throw from these places and more:

If you this convenient, low maintenance lifestyle appeals to you, check out Cottages on Fifth. There are only three left: one at $453,000 and two at $419,900. You can also contact their sales team directly: Petra Pryor is at 205-616-5900, and Lisa Powell is at 205-907-0826.

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