New mixed-use development a possibility at the Sherman Industries cement plant near Railroad Park

The Sherman Industries cement plant, near Railroad Park, could soon be redeveloped for mixed-use. (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

Birmingham could be about to get another exciting mixed-use development project in the pipeline at a high-profile site, two blocks away from Railroad Park.

The Sherman Industries cement plant at 1100 2nd Ave South is being considered for potential redevelopment.

The Sherman Industries cement plant at 1100 2nd Ave South. (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

A request made to Birmingham City Council by Birmingham POD LLC, a company connected to Denver-based Residential Ventures, seeks to rezone the area from industrial to mixed-use.

A public hearing has now been set by the city for May 28, following a recommendation by the Zoning Advisory Committee and Planning and Zoning Committee in consideration of Birmingham POD LLC’s request, to rezone the area from heavy industrial to mixed-use downtown.

The cement plant is just two blocks away from Railroad Park, Regions Field, Good People Brewing, and access ramps to and from Highway 65.

There’s no concrete information yet (ha!) as to what a proposed mixed-use development might look like, or any relocation details for the cement plant.

The Sherman Industries cement plant. 1100 2nd Ave. S. (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)
Sherman Industries cement plant from 12th St S. (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)

What is mixed-use development?

Mixed-use is an urban development strategy blending residential housing with commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses, within the same buildings and districts.

The benefits of mixed-use developments include a greater variety of downtown living options, walkable neighborhoods, and reduced distances to travel between work, retail, and entertainment. Sounds good to us!

Check out Bham Now’s recent coverage about the new mixed-use development at Printers Corner in Parkside, 3 mixed-use downtown developments including the New Ideal offered by H2 Real Estate, and all about Mercantile on Morris condos in the Loft District.

“If you build it, they will come!”

If you can remember the classic line from the Kevin Costner baseball movie, Field of Dreams, it’s ever so appropriate when considering the boom in development projects that have risen around this area near Regions Field.

Mixed-use developments encourage environments where people can live, work, and play.

More residents moving into an area provide more customers for retail, which provide more amenities and employment opportunities for residents.

City living is in full-swing and with more people moving to midtown, the community is thriving!

Printers Corner in Parkside is one of the latest mixed-use developments almost ready for occupation. (Photo by Christine Hull for Bham Now)

Who wouldn’t want to walk around the park at sunset, grab a bite to eat al-fresco, drink a swift after-work beer, go to the ball game, and get groceries, all within walking distance?

What do you like about living downtown? Whether it’s being able to travel about without a car, the great entertainment scene, or the fantastic eateries, we’d love to know!

Stay tuned to Bham Now for updates on the potential redevelopment of the Sherman Industries cement plant site.

A public hearing to consider rezoning the Sherman Industries cement plant will be held May 24. (Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now)
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