3 mixed-use downtown developments including the New Ideal offered by H2 Real Estate that you need to see now

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Birmingham continues to be on-fire when it comes to real estate development. H2 Real Estate is fanning the flames with three exciting building renovation projects that are sure to give you a burning desire for urban living!

Whether you’re looking to lease a unit to try out downtown living, own a unit, or build out your own space, these projects provide opportunities that have never before been available downtown Birmingham.

New Ideal

Some in Birmingham may remember New Ideal Department store that was located in the heart of downtown. Now the building will be turned into residential condos with more than 40 one bedroom, two bedroom and studio units available.

via H2 Real Estate

This sleek new project will feature modernized units while preserving some of the building’s historic charm. New Ideal lofts neighbor the Pizitz and will offer parking and retail space on the ground level. Floor plans and pricing have been released and H2 Real Estate is currently taking reservations.

The uniqueness of this space is in the architectural design. Some of these units have already been snapped up and more reservations are being taken every day. If you want one of these units you better reserve one now!

via H2 Real Estate

New Ideal is an old department store building that’s been sitting abandoned for quite some time, just the development of those condos will breathe new life into that end of town and in addition to attracting new business downtown with the ground level retail space.

The Thomas

A Nequette Architecture & Design project, H2 Real Estate is the listing company. This building has nine lofts for lease on 2nd Ave North next to El Barrio. The units have floor plans that range from 1400 to 2000 square feet. On the ground level there will be parking for tenants as well as retail.

Nequette Architecture and Design relocated their office to the top floor of the building and by doing so the design firm has a goal of promoting “new urbanism” which means to incorporate residential and public space and then integrating it into the city scene in order to generate foot traffic in the area which will create a village feel.

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These units are for renters only and are some of the most luxurious lofts for lease option in Birmingham. The Thomas project combines retail, work space and living space in the downtown market.

The units were designed by a world-class architect, designer which makes them especially unique, and with only nine units, the living spaces are very large an amenity hard to find in downtown.

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Printer’s Corner

The “You Are Beautiful” building is the site for this exciting new project. Overlooking the parkside district (18th street South and 2nd ave south), Orchestra Partners has developed these residential shell units that buyers can build out to suit their needs with their own personal style.

What makes this project extraordinary is that owners will have the opportunity to select their own architect design firm to develop their unit when they buy these shell spaces and built- out exteriors. Construction is expected to be completed by late 2018, but buyers need to be finished designing their shell by early September in order to direct the plan for their shell. You need to make your purchase now so you can start designing your urban dream living space!

Printer’s Corner is a great option for the person who’s always wanted to build their own space, but felt like a ground up build (like a house) was too much for them – it’s a great compromise. The building exterior will be done for them and the shell is there but they still get to customize their space.

via H2 Real Estate

H2’s commitment to promoting the growth and development of Birmingham is one of the main goals of the company. Just last month, the company hosted The Loft Tours as a perfect example of their commitment to the community.

“People who attended our event (the Loft Tours) had the opportunity to see a variety of the real estate that is available in the downtown market. Being the listing company on these 3 major projects downtown gives us the opportunity to promote the growth of the area by educating the community on what’s available to them, as well as attract a new demographic which will in turn foster a larger downtown community,” said Lynlee Hughes, H2 Real Estate.

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