Craft beer enthusiast The Beered Black Man’s first brew hits Good People March 30

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Marion’s fudge brownie stout is a tribute to his love of dark beers and his great-grandmother. Photo via @beeredblackman’s Instagram

A brand-new beer crafted by a brand-new brewer is set to grace Good People Brewing Company’s menu on Saturday, March 30.

Ralph Marion, aka the Beered Black Man, said the idea for this special brew came from his tight-knit family. His great-grandmother was a master chef of fudge brownies, and he wanted to honor her in his first endeavor as a local brewer. He reached out to Good People Brewing Company with the idea of collaborating on a new brew in December. By February, he was in the brewery hard at work on his creation.

Ralph Marion really loves craft beer, and wants you to love it, too. Photo via

Who is this Beered Black Man?

Ralph Marino was born and raised here in Birmingham, Alabama, so his love for this city goes way back. After a rocky start to his relationship with beer (read that unfortunate (and also hilarious)story on his blog), he now works as a bartender at Hop City Taproom, where he spreads his love and knowledge of the craft beer scene to all his patrons.

Hard at work in the Good People Brewing Company’s brewing area. Photo via Beered Black Man’s Facebook

Marion’s mission is to expand the craft beer community to include folks of all ages, upbringings and races. When you think craft beer, a certain image pops into your mind. For example, probably a white guy sporting a giant beard and thick-rimmed glasses. Perhaps he has on skinny jeans. The Beered Black Man is out here trying to change that image.

“My goal is to show that men and women of all different kinds of background, religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, and everywhere else in between can join this amazing community. I want people to know that if you want to learn more about stouts or IPAs, then you are more than welcome to do so. I want to see more diversity in all the different breweries, brewpubs, bottle shops, beer festivals all over.”

Marion, via the Beered Black Man blog

The fudge brownie stout launch party is Saturday, March 30, at Good People Brewing Company. After its launch, you’ll also find this new brew on draft at Jack Brown’s Burger Joint in Lakeview.

We’re dying to try this new brew! Photo via Beered Black Man’s Facebook page

Are you ready to get out and support Birmingham’s coolest new beer enthusiast?

Related: There’s more good, clean fun to be had at Good People Brewing Company. Check out AirWave on Saturday, March 23, 1-10PM. In its 8th year, this block party raises money for local river conservation efforts.

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