Nominate your favorite unsung heroes in Birmingham for The “Other” Awards, happening May 14 at Saturn

Max Rykov and Al Elliot.

Do you know someone in Birmingham who is doing great things for the community and deserves some praise? Nominate them for The “Other” Awards, happening May 14 at Saturn.

What are The “Other” Awards?

You already know what a typical awards ceremony is. Well, The “Other” Awards follows a similar protocol. But this particular ceremony awards those in the Birmingham community who are doing great things, but do not often receive public recognition for it. Think of it as Birmingham’s unsung hero awards, if you will.

Behind The “Other” Awards

Behind The “Other” Awards is Max Rykov. Rykov works for the Birmingham City Council, owns his own event production business (Max Rykov and Associates) and is also the announcer for the Tragic City Rollers.

Max Rykov. Photo via Beau Gustafson

“It’s an idea I’ve had for a while that’s evolved after conferring with friends. There are organizations and entities in the Metro Area that give out awards, but the people who usually win, or who are honored, are somewhat of the ‘usual suspects’ in Birmingham. It’s the people who are already somewhat well-known, and who are from a certain status in society. I wanted to have a community award show honoring the unsung heroes in Birmingham–for the people who deserve praise, but who often don’t receive it publicly.

Max Rykov, event organizer, The “Other” Awards

Rykov will be working alongside Rebekah Fox (talented musician and mainstay in Birmingham’s creative community, and one of the main organizers of the quarterly Woodlawn Street Market) and Al Elliot (renowned spoken word poet, storyteller, event organizer and school teacher).

Al Elliot. Photo via King Tall T.

The Nomination Process

What’s cool about The “Other” Awards is that you don’t have to be part of some fancy schmancy nomination committee to have a voice in nominees and winners. For this awards program, nominations are selected by those living in Birmingham. Yes, that includes you!

“We want to celebrate the people who make up the rich and diverse fabric of Birmingham. And we want people from diverse backgrounds (the nominees and their supports) to be in the same room to meet and celebrate each other.”

Max Rykov, event organizer, The “Other” Awards

Once all nominations have been collected, the top nominees from each category will be selected and invited to come to the event. Public online voting will open mid-April for you to cast your vote.

During the event, the production team of The “Other” Awards will prepare segments highlighting each nominee, and the winners will be revealed at Saturn.

Nomination Categories

Wondering what sort of nomination categories there are? Some include:

  • Birmingham Cheerleader (vocal advocate and supporter of all good things in the city)
  • Favorite Birmingham City School Teacher
  • Funniest Person
  • Best MAX Bus Driver
  • Favorite service industry worker (baristas, busboys, servers, kitchen staff, bartenders, etc.

To take part in the nomination process, fill out the nomination form.

Win that Award!

So what will all of the unsung heroes of Birmingham receive for their big win? Small replicas of the Storyteller Fountain in 5 Points South. Pretty cool, huh?

Birmingham Alabama
The Storyteller Fountain at Five Points South. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Event Details

Want to attend The “Other” Awards? Here are some must-know details:

Where: Saturn. 200 41st St. S., Birmingham, AL 35222
Date: May 14
Time: Doors Open–7PM; Show Starts–8PM
Price: $10
Age Restrictions: 18+

Who will you nominate for Birmingham’s The “Other” Awards?