Birmingham brand Aviate announces expansion, jobs

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Want to work at Aviate? They’ll be hiring soon! Photo via Aviate’s Instagram

Local Birmingham start-up turned global lifestyle brand Aviate is making big moves with a major announcement today. Find out more.

Aviate Reaching New Heights With Expansion

Aviate announced February 1 they will be expanding into a larger warehouse space, allowing the lifestyle brand to take full control of distributing their products. This distribution center also means they’ll be adding new jobs to the community.

Great news for Birmingham

After just four years in the biz, Birmingham based maker of the popular airport code hats announced they will be moving from their current space to a 9,000 square foot office and warehouse space. This announcement comes after the company started an initiative to build community in Birmingham.

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Photo via @alex_b_yoga on Instagram

“Community is something that brings groups of people together from all walks of life. At Aviate, we aim to bring community together through our brand,” said Randall Porter, Director of Brand Communications.

With the expansion, they’ll be able to expand their initiative of fostering community by offering a 2,500 square foot event space called The Hangar. The space will be available for rent March 2019 for local events, parties and wedding receptions. For a competitive rate, the event space will allow parties to bring in their preferred vendors to accommodate their needs in renting the space.

The ability to choose your own caterer for an event at a place like The Hangar is huge. This is great news, party people!

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A few hats by Aviate. (Photo via Bham Now)

The Aviate brand story:

“Established in the summer of 2015, Aviate was born with the simple premise of putting our hometown of Birmingham, Alabama’s airport code (BHM) on a ball cap. When 60 of these BHM hats sold out in roughly a day, the owner Ben Lancaster knew he was onto something. Suddenly, new cities were being added what seemed like weekly, and Aviate was taking flight. Why? Because people want to be a part of the ‘Play Hard. Travel Often’ lifestyle.”


I still remember the glimmer of Birmingham pride in my eye two years ago when I saw an Aviate hat gracing a storefront window in far-away Tulsa. It was that moment I knew you guys made it in the industry. I knew you were going places then and can’t wait to watch your success unfold in the future. Congratulations, Aviate!

Shop the brand here.

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Aviate is known for their classic cotton hats donning 3-letter airport identifiers. The company now has merchandise representing the airport codes of 160 cities,  45 states and 3 Countries (Photo via Aviate)
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