3 Ways Birmingham’s Aviate brand embraces locals

Aviate - Birmingham - Apparel
Vulcan Park and Museum’s Marketing Coordinator,  Jeremy Bagnall — via Bham Now

While you can find Aviate products in lots of shops around Birmingham, from the Elyton Hotel gift shop to Gus Mayer, two retailers that stock their BHM caps see the brand as a dual threat (in a good way).

1. Sharing the Love

Aviate does two things: They really hit a stride with locals who want to represent the Magic City while out and about, and they also attract visitors who see the brand as a souvenir from Birmingham.

Vulcan Park & Museum Visitor Services Supervisor, Emily Meyer noted that carrying local brands like Aviate really helps The Anvil stand out and provides an opportunity for visitors to purchase Alabama goods.

Aviate - Birmingham - Vulcan Park and Museum - Apparel
via Vulcan Park and Museum’s Instagram

“Oh, they’re a popular item for us,” Meyer said. “We have out-of-town visitors who stop in and ask for them after seeing locals in Aviate’s BHM caps around town.”

“Vulcan Park and Museum really believes in spreading the good word about all things Birmingham, and we’re happy to have Aviate’s line as an option for our guests who want to leave here with a special souvenir from the Magic City, as well as being that iconic shop to get your Vulcan and Birmingham-based gear.”


At Alabama Outdoors in Homewood, Manager Jeff Jarrett shares the same enthusiasm.

Aviate - Birmingham - Apparel
Alabama Outdoors, Homewood Location, Store Manager — via Bham Now

“Our locals love their Birmingham-branded outdoor wear, and Aviate fits that bill perfectly,” Jarrett said. “Our customers are loyal, and they want to represent their hometown while they’re hiking, biking, climbing or whatever it is they enjoy while being outside.”

“We also have customers who come in to buy a gift for someone who wants to be reminded of home or the fact they’ve visited and fell in love with Birmingham.”

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2. Current Connections

Aviate’s spunky brand strategy does not get lost in the crowd, either. One technique they use is to connect with customers by way of city-specific activities.

Check out the way they’re using social media to reach out to golf fans getting ready to take in The Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

3. Communities Coming, Communities Going

When it comes to home, Birmingham may be the place you were born or the place you landed, and Aviate loves that. There’s nothing wrong with representing your own hometown (or the hometown of your dreams) while living, working and playing somewhere else.

Aviate makes it a point to carry caps that represent lots of cities within Alabama like Gadsden (GAD, pictured) along with cities all over the U.S. and even far-flung, dreamy tropical locales like Bermuda (BDA).

Aviate - Birmingham - Apparel
via Aviate Instagram
Selling Authenticity

In retail, business appeal is all about variety, customer loyalty and that special thing you have that no one else does.

Aviate continues to capture the travel leisure market by way of lifting up their local retailers, digging into their customers’ lifestyles and designing a variety of targeted style selections that either stick very close to home or represent a special destination.


It’s neat to watch a Birmingham company embody the idea of home and home away from home as a sales strategy!

Aviate - Birmingham - Apparel
via Aviate Instagram

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Coming up with Aviate

You can catch the Aviate team in person at these upcoming events, and you can always shop online to access all of their offerings!

  • April 12th — Brik Realty’s Charity Golf Tournament  (Birmingham, AL)
  • April 14th — BHM 2.6 Expo with Children’s Hospital (Birmingham, AL)
  • April 27th – 29th — Mullet Toss (Flora-Bama, Pensacola, FL)
  • May 12th — Wine Fest at the Zoo for iHeart Radio (Birmingham, AL)
  • May 19th — Pepper Place Market (Birmingham, AL)

  • June 13th – 16th — America’s Apparel (Atlanta, GA)
  • June 16th — Slice Fest (Birmingham, AL)
  • July 7th — Pepper Place Market (Birmingham, AL)
  • July 11th – 15th — ATL Gift Market (Atlanta, GA)
  • July 14th – 15th — Sloss Fest (Birmingham, AL)
Aviate - Birmingham - Apparel
via Aviate’s Instagram
  • July 23rd – 26th — Outdoor Retailer Market (Dallas, TX)
  • August 8th – 11th — America’s Apparel (Atlanta, GA)
  • August 11th – 16th — NY NOW (New York City, New York)
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