Brick and Tin’s downtown location gets a makeover and extended hours

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Brick and Tin added a beautiful full bar to their downtown location. Photo by Hilary Meares for Bham Now

We all have Brick and Tin on our list of favorite lunch spots in downtown Birmingham. That’s a given. But following the recent renovations to this tasty soup and sandwich shop, it’s time to add it to your dinner list as well.

What’s New

Of course, dessert is always the star of the show. Photo by Hilary Meares for Bham Now

When Brick and Tin downtown opened in 2010, it instantly became a staple for business folk to grab a quick bite to eat on their lunch hour. However, its hours catered strictly to those employed downtown—Monday through Friday, 10:30am-3pm. Now, patrons can enjoy this spot for dinner time and even on Saturdays.

Check out the new clean white brick. Photo by Hilary Meares for Bham Now

The restaurant also underwent some changes on its appearance. Brick and Tin added a full bar that stretches from the back to the front of the store. They installed new light fixtures, painted the interior brick white and added various decorative elements that give Brick and Tin that inviting, ol’ faithful dinner spot feel.

Brick and Tin’s cozy atmosphere makes it a must-visit for downtown dwellers and out of towners alike. Photo by Hilary Meares for Bham Now

What Stays the Same

The menu will remain delicious as always, featuring carefully sourced, local ingredients free of any unnatural additives or hormones. Popular menu items include the indulgent brisket panini, the classic Bluebird salad and countless pastries and desserts (HELLO, chocolate bread pudding, my old friend) to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Slow-cooked beef brisket is a must-try for any BBQ lover. Photo by Hilary Meares for Bham Now

Brick and Tin is located at 214 20th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203. It’s new store hours are Monday-Saturday 10:30-9pm.

Have you seen the renovations Brick and Tin made to its downtown location? What do you think?

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