3 spots in Birmingham that serve life-changing hot cocoa, plus some honorable mentions

What’s hot cocoa without the toasted marshmallow? Photo by Hilary Meares of Bham Now

When the weather outside is getting chillier by the second, there’s no better way to keep the cold at bay then our favorite winter beverage, the hot chocolate. Nothing warms our hands (and hearts) quicker than a hot cup of cocoa, and these spots happen to serve some of the best cocoa in town.

Big Spoon Creamery

Big Spoon Creamery setting the standard for hot cocoa in Birmingham. Photo by Hilary Meares of Bham Now

What’s that, you say? How can an ice cream shop be first on a list featuring tasty hot cocoa? Perhaps after you hear how they make this tasty treat, you’ll understand. Big Spoon Creamery uses the same chocolate used to make their popular chocolate ice cream, which makes it so creamy and rich. Topped with a big fluffy toasted marshmallow, you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner.

4000 3rd Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35222


O’Henry’s is a go-to destination for all your coffee shop needs. But this time of year, we’re there for hot cocoa. Photo by Hilary Meares of Bham Now

O’Henry’s has been a Birmingham staple for over 25 years, and serves the good people of Highland Park, SoHo and even the Brookwood Mall area their caffeine fix. This popular coffee shop also serves one tasty cup of hot cocoa. Made with real Ghirardelli chocolate and real whipped cream, this sweet treat is an essential for your next ‘Treat-Yoself’ Day.

O’Henry’s has several convenient locations all around metro Birmingham! Check out their website,ohenryscoffees.com, to find the one closest to you.


Chocolata had such success selling their sipping chocolate, they started selling it by the can for us to take home! Photo via Chocolata website

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Chocolata makes some of the best hot cocoa in town. Chocolata’s hot chocolate recipe is actually for “sipping chocolate,” hot chocolate’s thicker and more decadent cousin. Their sipping chocolate is made in house with melted chocolate rather than cocoa powder. It tastes like heaven in a mug. I mean, it’s melted chocolate you can sip through straw. Diet starts in 2020-right guys?

1927 2nd Avenue North
​Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Honorable Mentions

Craving an indulgent cup of hot cocoa, but not near any of our featured spots? There are plenty of coffee shops, cafes and bakeries that offer this tasty treat. Red Cat Coffee Co., Edgar’s Bakery, Filter Coffee Parlor, Continental Bakery and Revelator each have feature hot chocolate on their menu.

Did we miss anywhere in town with a stellar cup of hot cocoa? Let us know!

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