Open letter explains Brät Brot closure in Lakeview. Proprietor asks patrons for feedback.

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We already miss the pretzels, beer cheese and brats at Brät Brot in Lakeview. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

There’s no denying it. We’re crazy about Brät Brot, Birmingham’s first biergarten, which opened last April in Lakeview. So we were disheartened when Brät Brot closed unexpectedly last week, announcing tentative plans to reopen in spring 2019. Now, proprietor David Carrigan, has posted an open letter explaining the closure, and he’s asking patrons to give feedback.

Birmingham, Brat Brot
Photo via Brät Brot’s Facebook page

In the letter, which appears on Brät Brot’s website, Carrigan cites early success and positive feedback from the Birmingham community. However, “the reality is,” he wrote, “that we have a large facility that requires a minimum volume to operate sustainably throughout the year.”

“As with any new establishment we learned a great deal in our first few months about how people would respond to our concept and want to use our space. We are now aware of things that we nailed, mistakes that we made and some things that we would have done differently before we opened.”

Carrigan, via the open letter posted on Brät Brot’s website

Love Brät Brot? Give Your Feedback.

Birmingham, Brat Brot
Photo via Brät Brot’s Facebook page

The letter closes with a request for customers’ feedback and holds out hope that Brät Brot may reopen come spring.  

“We hereby extend a sincere offer to hear your personal experiences, how you perceived the concept and space while we were open, and what you might like to see if we were to reopen in the spring.”


To give your feedback on your experiences at Brät Brot in Lakeview, fill out out this form.

Carrigan is also the proprietor of Carrigan’s Public House on Morris Avenue in Birmingham. 

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