Lakeshore Publix to become first ecommerce grocery store in Birmingham

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A rendering of the Lakeshore Pavillion. Photo via Birmingham City. 

Don’t think there’s a way you could love Publix any more than you do right now? Think again. The Publix grocery store set to open off Lakeshore Parkway next year will be Birmingham’s first omnichannel store. 

The future of grocery shopping 

The supermarket, set to anchor Lakeshore Pavilion, is expanding to contain new technology used for pickup and delivery services, such as drive-up pickup and delivery services like Shipt and Insta-cart. It will also include a dining area, along with other amenities. 

This will be the very first grocery store of its kind in the Birmingham area. 

“They [Publix] wanted to make sure they’re ahead of the curve, like a lot of other retailers across the country, to accommodate the needs of the consumers and make sure they’re accessible opportunities to purchase groceries,”  Former Birmingham Councilman Jay Roberson said about the development.

Ross Bridge’s grocery store — hallelujah! 

Citizens of Ross Bridge have been itching for a nearby grocery store for a while now. Photo courtesy of Wade Cline of Bham Now

The Lakeshore Pavilion shopping center will be located at the entrance of the Robert Trent Jones at Oxmoor Valley Golf Course, and has potential to house 10-12 other businesses and shops in the development. Residents of Ross Bridge have been itching for a nearby grocery store for a while now. Roberson even dubbed that portion of the area a food desert.

The Publix was originally scheduled to open in early 2019. However, now that the project has grown from a 45,600-square-feet to 48,000 square-feet building, the supermarket postponed its opening to late summer 2019. 

Are you pumped to see Birmingham’s first ecommerce-friendly grocery store? 

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