New Publix’s in the sights for Ross Bridge Residents!

For quite some time, the residents of Ross Bridge have been wanting a grocery story that is close to home, now that will hopefully come to fruition.

HSUN-BIZ Publix site plan.jpg
Rendering of the site provided by Bham Councilman Jay Roberson

I could talk about development all day; you know this.

Thankfully, Birmingham is not short of any stories concerning plans to revamp our city and suburbs.

It truly seems as if every major neighborhood, in the metro area, is getting a taste of revitalization.

Next up:

Oxmoor Valley is expecting its first Publix, and residents are very excited about the planned development.

lakeshore Publix rendering
The 45,600 Sq. Foot Publix will certainty help sustain the Oxmoor Valley Area, while adding value to its residents.

Most of the locals in the area only have the option to make a 30 minute round trip for such a necessary activity, which in my opinion is quite an inconvenience.

I mean, aren’t grocery stores suppose to be convenient stores…? Okay, sorry. Me and jokes don’t go too well together.

Where there is a problem, there is always some sort of solution.

In this case, to develop 16 acres of land into a massive, and I mean massive, retail area is the best case scenario.

?ui%3D2%26ik%3Dfbd2063fc7%26view%3Dfimg%26th%3D1596fceae1c0793a%26attid%3D0.1 New Publix's in the sights for Ross Bridge Residents!

  • Developer – John Argo
  • Publix Layout – 45,600 Sq. Foot store
  • Retail Space – 22,400 Sq. Feet for 10 – 12 businesses to set up shop
  • $18 Million Cap. Investment
  • $2.7 Million for the land

“I’m excited about it. We need something that we can get to that’s five minutes away…”

– Bridget Roop, told the Hoover Sun

There are beautiful homes and upcoming residential developments on the way to making Ross Bridge a community you cannot pass up.

Developer John Argo calls the area a sort of “food desert”. He truly sees the need for such a development and knows this will only add value to the residents.

Development Benefits:
  • $3.3 Million in Tax Rebates will be incurred over the first 7 years, from the Publix
  • $1.2 Million a year is expected to be generated from Publix
  • $9.1 Million should be generated for the Magic City from permit fees and property taxes

Image result for yes please gif

Argo exclaimed to the Hoover Sun that it will be about 2 years for approvals, building time, and the opening date to all come to fruition.

Stay tuned for more info. in the future!

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