The 2021 Birmingham World Games announces three huge sponsors at 1,000 day countdown celebration

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Birmingham big-wigs posing with the first countdown clock for the 2021 Birmingham World Games. Photo by

Birmingham locals and influencers celebrated the 1,000 day-countdown until the World Games 2021 in Birmingham on Friday, October 19, where they announced the three main sponsors for this event. Alabama Power, Protective Life and Regions Bank pledged to sponsor the games, which are set for July 15-25, 2021.

Wait, what exactly are the World Games?

The World Games are an Olympic-style event where athletes from all over the world compete in over 30 internationally unique sports. The 2021 Birmingham World Games marks the 40th anniversary of the event, which is expected to earned $256 million(!) dollars for the city of Birmingham.

The World Games features over 30 sports, including some we are familiar with in the U.S. This is called “Aerobics Gymnastics.” I can definitely get on board with this. Photo by 2021 World Games Twitter.

“One of the reasons we knew that The World Games would succeed in Birmingham is the quality of support of the local business community and its leaders. The Games will bring nearly 5,000 participants and tens of thousands of fans to the city, and be broadcast to millions more across the world, so the support of these partners will give us the opportunity to provide an exceptional experience to our visitors and to showcase Birmingham to a global audience.”

DJ Mackovets, CEO of The World Games 2021.

Sponsors galore.

Each sponsor will host a different aspect of The Birmingham 2021 World Games. Alabama Power will host the 2021 World Games Opening Ceremony, complete with colorful and vibrant entertainment and a classic parade to showcase each athlete’s and the 100 countries competing.

Regions Bank will sponsor The World Games Plaza. The free, family-friendly celebration of the games will take place during the games, July 16-25, 2021 and features live entertainment, food and ongoing coverage of the games.

Protective Life will introduce the world to the athletes that make the games so successful. The Protective Life Athlete of the Day will share a special competitor’s background and highlight their accomplishments at the games each day. At the end of the event, they will honor the Protective Life Athletes of the Games, and award for the athlete who most embodied the ideals of the World Games through outstanding performance and sportsmanship during the games.

The World Games committee took the time to tour Birmingham venues several weeks ago. Photo by The 2021 World Games Twitter
Joining the three foundational partners to support the games are the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau and State of Alabama. Local event organizers even unveiled a ‘countdown’ clock at the front of the Uptown Entertainment District. As the event approaches, more countdowns will be installed throughout the area.


Birmingham is PUMPED the World Games are coming to our backyard in two short years! How do you think this huge event will change our growing city?

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