It’s almost Halloween! Drive carefully in Birmingham with these 5 safety tips from Adamson Ford

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Here come all those little pedestrians in costumes! Photo for Bham Now

Driving slowly and distraction-free while toting your trick-or-treaters from house to house on Halloween may seem like a no-brainer for drivers, but these tips will help you creep it real down those Birmingham streets.

1. Ford+ Technology = Safer Drivers

Adamson Ford sales expert Phil Powell gives us the scoop on the Ford Explorer’s high-tech safety features. Photo by Jen Daniel for Bham Now

With features like alerting you to pedestrians walking nearby, Ford is all about using the latest technology to make us better drivers, especially at Halloween. The Ford Explorer is one of many Ford models that offers the Ford Safe & Smart™ package. It includes features like:

  • Alerting you to unintentional lane drifting
  • Allowing you to set cruise control and select the speed and distance you want to maintain from the vehicle in front of you
  • Alerting you to a potential collision with the vehicle ahead

Check out the 180-degree view camera in the console below. It allows you to view down the sidewalk while you’re backing out of a spot, like a driveway. You can actually see what’s approaching from either side!

Photo by Jen Daniel for Bham Now

“Halloween is one of those times where lots of people will be out right as the sun goes down, with lots of pedestrians not just walking, but running,” said Phil Powell, an Adamson Ford sales expert. “That means we need all the help we can get as drivers. These cameras do the trick (and the treat)!”

2. Convenience Means Safety, Too

Photo by Jen Daniel for Bham Now

When your hands are full of groceries, Halloween candy, tiny vampires or dogs dressed like superheros, there’s nothing like a foot pedal to pop open that trunk. Anything that lets you concentrate on your precious cargo serves as a safety feature, and that’s just what Ford wants you to do. And while technology is key when it comes to safe driving, there are always things to look out for on our own, too. These next guidelines are friendly reminders for everyone!

Halloween in Birmingham means lots of friends and lots of pedestrians walking in the dark. Photo via Kristen Green for Bham Now

3. Yield And Communicate

All eyes will be on those kids, so it’s important to use turn signals and hazard lights when you’re parking for a bit to let your trick-or-treaters out. It’s also crucial to yield to children. They might dart out into the street or they might not stop because they don’t see you. Turn those headlights on, too.

4. Teach Your Kids

Teach them how to safely cross streets. They should look both ways and cross only at corners and crosswalks.

5. Make Halloween Bright

Give the kids flashlights and glow sticks, and/or use reflective tape on their costumes, so drivers can see them. Darker costumes are harder to see at night, so any bit of color helps.

Have a wonderful, fun, spooky and SAFE Halloween.

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