‘Eat. Drink. Ride Food Tours’ takes you to Birmingham restaurants and more with ‘Comedienne Joy’

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Comedienne Joy and tour bus driver, Robert Garrison, in front of the new bus. Photo via Cassandra King.

Party Bus. Food Tour. Alcohol. Music. All in one. Sound too good to be true?

Earlier this week Cassandra King posted a picture in front of her new tour bus, with the caption, “This is what faith, mediocre credit, no money but integrity looks like.” The post has over 600 likes on Facebook.

Who is Comedienne Joy?

Cassandra King aka Comedienne Joy is most known for her restaurant show, Dining Out With Comedienne Joy, on Talk Alabama. Joy first started giving bus tours with a company that was looking for her to bring notoriety to their business. From the beginning Joy was looking for ways to implement food into the tours, and someone later suggested that she do a food segment on the bus tours.

Eat. Ride. Drink Tour bus. Photo via Cody Short for Bham Now

Joy started doing more bus tours in Montgomery with Wind Creek because she knew the chef and people would be able to gamble. However, she realized that there aren’t any food tours in Birmingham, so why not bring it here. The restaurants that are on the bus tour are friends of Joy, and she gets to bring strangers to places that they may have never been to before.

“I enjoy food and making memories with people, and I realized I feature a lot of Birmingham restaurants on my show for my friends, and I need to do something here,” said Cassandra King. “Once I started doing the five-stop tour in Birmingham, that’s when things took off.”

Her Struggle Turned Victory

The faith, mediocre credit, no money and integrity that Joy mentioned on Facebook was to celebrate her newest success! Joy now has her own food tour bus, called Eat.Drink.Ride Food Tours with Comedienne Joy sponsored by Tony’s Hot Dogs.

Eat. Ride. Drink Tour Bus. Photo via Cody Short for Bham Now.

“I went door to door to car companies asking them will they sponsor the bus,” King said. “Well, I got no where fast, and I just so happened to be talking to one of my friends who people go visit her restaurant, Tony’s Hot Dogs.

“She said that she knows someone and they were willing to sponsor the bus for me. I didn’t go to them asking to buy a bus for me, I went to see if they knew someone.  I didn’t have any money, my credit is jacked, but I got faith and they believed in me. Even if you have a dreamit’s hard; it’s tough, and you don’t need but one person to believe in you.”

The Perfect Party Bus

Groups of about 18 people that come on her tour buses are usually bachelorette parties, birthday parties, random day-out gatherings or people who want to do something more intimate with their friends instead of going to the club.

A bachelorette party kicked off the weekend’s wedding weekend with Eat. Ride. Drink Food Tours. Photo via Cody Short for Bham Now

Starting on August 30th there will be brewery tours every Wednesday and Thursday.  Have you been on one of the tours? What did you think?

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