15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres

Birmingham, Alabama, Green Acres
The best-kept secret in Birmingham is inside a brown paper bag from Green Acres. Photo via Marcus Walton

If Birmingham is known for anything, it’s the chicken wing! In every corner of the city, there is some delicious chicken that you can grab and satisfy your appetite. I’ve put together a list of the city’s most talked about restaurants that serve some of the best chicken wings you will find on this side of Dixie.

Birmingham, Alabama, Baumhower’s Victory Grille
Wings? Check. Baumhower’s Victory Grille has ten locations in Alabama. Photo via Baumhower’s Victory Grille
15. Baumhower’s Victory Grille

The popularity of the sports-themed bar is what helped place Baumhower’s on this list. They have 17 flavor choices, along with 6 levels of heat for the chicken wings. The two locations in the city are located in the Lee Branch and Patton Creek shopping centers.

Birmingham Alabama, On Tap Sports Cafe
Wing goals. On Tap for the win. Photo via Jacob DelaRosa
14. Saw’s Soul Kitchen

Smoked wings. You must eat them to believe them. That is all.

Saw's wings Birmingham Alabama
Saw’s wings, photo by Pat Byington

When you eat barbecue, you want it to permeate deep down to your soul. And there’s no better place to find it than at Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale. The same goes for their wings.

13. On Tap Sports Cafe

This pub themed bar/cafe was recently voted best bar in Hoover. On Tap is most known for their Jumbo Buffalo wings, but I heard the mango-flavored wings are really good, too! You can enjoy the wings with some of the best craft beers in the city. You can find the On Tap locations at the Galleria, Fultondale, Inverness and a Liberty Park location coming soon.

12. Courtyard Oyster Bar & Grill

This unique bar and grill can only be found all around southern Birmingham and the metro area. Besides their really great seafood options, Courtyard Oyster Bar & Grill has a reputation for having some really good chicken wings. Everyday from 12-4 p.m., you can buy .50 cent wings in multiples of six.

Frequent attender Jasmine Randelson said, “It’s a fun place that offers many events such as karaoke,  pint night, pool league, DJ, bull riding and more. Great crowd daily. Daily specials. Happy hour Monday through Friday. Free buffet with the purchase of a drink from 4-7.”

You can checkout Courtyard Oyster Bar & Grill on the Southside, Childersburg, Alabaster and on 280.

IMG 2002 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
Wings, fries and beer from Courtyard Oyster Bar & Grill via Jasmine Randelson
 11. Zaxby’s

This popular fast-food chain is known for some of the best chicken fingers AND wings. You can choose from either the bone-in or boneless wings. Along with the choice of multiple flavors, you can order your plate with their delicious crinkle fries, buttery toast and a drink! Oh, and they have nugget ice, too.

David Owens went to get the sweet and spicy traditional wings and reported back to me. He said, “The wings were pretty good, and they don’t overdo it with the sauce.”

Screen Shot 2018 08 02 at 7.45.25 PM 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
Zaxby’s chicken wings via Zaxby’s
10. Purple Onion

Of course the infamous Purple Onion had to make the list! The restaurant has become Birmingham’s go-to spot to sober up after a night of partying in the city. One of the go-to menu items is their chicken wings, offering 11 flavors: Mild, Hot, Lava, Honey Mustard, Honey BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Cajun Ranch, Garlic Parmesan, Garlic Pepper, Teriyaki and Sweet & Sour.

Birmingham, Alabama, Purple Onion
The Purple Onion is that iconic late-night hot spot Birmingham knows and loves. Photo via Kendrick D. May
9. Buffalo Wild Wings

Also known as BWW, there is no larger sports-themed wing restaurant franchise in the country, so of course they had to make the list! BWW is known for having a fun environment while watching your favorite sports team and serving some amazing chicken wings! Of course you can choose between the bone-in and boneless wings.

Bonny Cornelius ordered the famous buffalo wings and said, “I got the ‘hot’ and it was delightfully spicier than I expected!”

IMG 8834 e1533390777164 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
The Buffalo wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. Photo via Bonny Cornelius for Bham Now
8. K’s Wing Master

Known as Wing Master in Centerpoint, the two year old restaurant is most known for their chicken wings and Philly cheesesteaks.

Residents of Centerpoint rave of the freshness and flavorful wings. Alandrea Plump who usually orders the BBQ Wings with Cajun Ranch Fries says, “Wing Masters never disappoints!”

7. Hooters

Another American classic food chain is Hooters! Mainly know for other things, they also have a reputation on some decent chicken wings. Their 6 unique styles of cooked wings (Hooters Original Style, Smoked, Naked, Hooters Daytona Beach Style, Bacon Wrapped Wings and Boneless Wings) have created a loyal fan base. My personal secret gem to Hooters is ordering off of the kids menu. You can get 4 large breaded whole wings, fries and a drink for less than $6.  There are 3 locations in Birmingham between Trussville, Hoover and Homewood.

Photo via Carl Mangianique 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
Feeding a crew? Wings from Publix, done deal. Photo via Carl Mangianque
6. Publix

I know so many families who have fed their families off of Publix fried chicken. Like most grocery store chains, Publix has a hot deli where you can choose different chicken options, and their chicken wings don’t disappoint! Their chicken is most known for its salt and pepper breading, and not to mention, being cheap. You can get 4 chicken wings with 2 Hawaiian rolls for less than $4!

IMG 1998 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres

5. Wing Out Express

Known as Wing Out, located on Parkway East in Roebuck has one of the best daily lunch specials. 6 Buffalo wings, small fries and a Coke for $4.99. All of their menu items are hand-battered, fresh cut and cooked to order, so you know you’re always going to get the freshest food!

Brittany Phillips, who ordered the hot wings and Cajun ranch fries said, “Wing Out is not too hot, not too mild. That flavor fleek just right!”

IMG 1979 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
Hot Wings and Cajun Ranch fries from Wing Out Express Courtesty Photo of Brittany Phillips
4. Wings Plus

There are multiple variations of Wings Plus throughout the city. There’s Wings Plus #3 in Homewood, off of Greensprings Parkway and Wings Plus in Midfield. However, both locations of Wings Plus are known for being able to order large trays of chicken wings for an affordable price. If you were waiting for your order of wings to be prepared at the Midfield location, make sure you request Keeke Pooh to drink while you wait! 

Via Food Con 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
A six-piece wing plate with ranch fries from Wings Plus 3. Photo via Food Snob Connoisseur
3. A-Wings

A-Wings has become a staple in the Irondale community and to other Birmingham residents across the city. Yelp listed A-Wings as one of the The Best 10 Chicken Wings in Irondale. Like most local chicken restaurants, A-Wings has plenty of flavors to choose from and of course the classic option of cajun or cajun ranch fries!

2. Exotic Wings & Things

Also known as Exotic, they are another wing staple in the Birmingham community. With over 70 items to choose from on their menu, there isn’t much you can miss, especially between the Exotic Buffalo wings and Country Whole wings. Exotic also has a really good peach tea to go with any entree. You can go check them out in Centerpoint or in Birmingham on Greensprings Highway.

Photo via Jeremy Li 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
If you’ve never been to Green Acres, you must be new in town. Photo via Jeremy Li
1. Green Acres

The most popular locally chained restaurant, most known for their fried chicken wings is Green Acres! Most people visit Green Acres to get a basket of chicken wings, fries and bread, and requesting it all the way, meaning they put ketchup, hot sauce and salt and pepper on top of the food. They are also known for serving their chicken in a brown paper bag and the grease seeping through it.

Established in 1958 on 6th Avenue North, the original location is now on 4th Avenue North. Starting in 1994, the company expanded to West End, and then in the early 2000s to Centerpoint, Irondale, Eastlake and Hueytown. Former Birmingham Mayor Kincaid gave Green Acres the Five Star Award.

When you go to order your Green Acres chicken wings, don’t forget to say, “All the Way!”

IMG 2010 15 Birmingham wing spots you must try, including Green Acres
The original location of Green Acres on 4th Avenue, Photo via Julius Short for Bham Now
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