You’re not going to believe what’s in this dentist office at the new Magic City Dentistry in downtown Birmingham

Magic City Dentistry
Vulcan Park and Museum Junior Board members with the new “Vulcan” at the Magic City Dentistry office. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now.

Part art gallery with a community hangout feel, there’s nothing else like Magic City Dentistry. Kristye Dixon describes the sleek new office as her love letter to Birmingham. Located on 1st Ave North and 21st St., Magic City Dentistry celebrated their new office with an open house last week steps away from James Beard semi-finalist for Best Bar Program, Atomic Lounge.

Bham Now was on scene at the event, which felt more like an art gallery premiere than the opening of a typical staid, serious dentist office. We sat down with Dixon, Practice Development Manager, who described this creative and innovative place.

Location, location, location
Magic City Dentistry storefront on 1st Avenue North and 21st. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now.

Magic City Dentistry’s new office in downtown Birmingham stands in stark contrast to their other space in Vestavia. The suburban site is just that – a place that fits the more traditional style of the burbs.

“I love Birmingham, and you know you can’t put the exact same thing here in the city,” stated Dixon. We tried to build a place that is more modern, more city, fun, funky Birmingham type style. I hang out a lot in Birmingham, and live here, and I absolutely love it. We wanted to have a place that captures all the excitement here in the Magic City.”

Magic City Dentistry will be serving nearby city loft residents and Birmingham residents visiting the vibrant and growing entertainment district. “I love Atomic Lounge,” stated Dixon. “It is nice getting to work and being mere steps away. Maybe we need to build a conveyor belt between us or zipline,” she said with a smile.

Meet Vulcan
Vulcan at the entrance of Magic City Dentistry. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now.

The first surprise you get when you enter Magic City Dentistry’s downtown location is a welcome from our city’s legendary symbol – Vulcan! The statue stands at nearly 6 feet!

“We had this huge space, and our builder joked that we should have a mini-Vulcan!” exclaimed Dixon.

As told by Dixon, “As far as how we came to have a Vulcan, we had this space that we knew we would put some kind of art or informational thing there, but we weren’t sure what to put. My builder joked one day about someone making us a Vulcan. He wasn’t aware of the mini Vulcans thing. We kind of laughed about it, but then I ended up finding out about the “Vulcans on Parade” option. It was coincidence that it fit perfectly.”

Today, Magic City Dentistry joins about 20 other “Vulcans on Parade” around town, with their own mini Vulcan. What makes the Vulcan at Magic City Dentistry different is its location. Like the host at a fine dining establishment, Vulcan greets you at the entrance.

“I’ve seen them around town, and I just love them all. I couldn’t be happier with the local artist (Sonia Summers). I knew immediately upon seeing her work that she was the one. She speaks to me personally. It really matches the space,” added Dixon.

Part dentist office, part art gallery
Vulcan Junior Board members Deidra Mayes and Geoffrey Patton.Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Once you are welcomed by Vulcan, the front desk greets you with the beauty of exposed brick and warm colors. Inside, the space is part dentist office and part art gallery. Presently, the walls are covered with the works of Birmingham’s own John Lytle Wilson, and they are for sale.

UAB School of Dentistry students with John Lytle Wilson’s art work in the background. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

“No one really wants to go to the dentist, so we wanted to make it as non-dental as possible,” Dixon concluded

There are plans to rotate the works of local artists and hold receptions for the community.

A destination
Volunteers at Magic City Dentistry’s open house. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Magic City Dentistry’s new downtown space is primed to become more than a place to visit the dentist, it is a destination. Capturing the vibe and creative energy of Birmingham, it truly is a love letter to the Magic City.

Drop by and visit Magic City Dentistry today at 2117 1st Ave North, Birmingham 35203. Check out John Lytle Wilson’s art. See the new Vulcan. Meet Dr. David Sollenberger and Dr. G. Robin Pruitt, Jr.

Why not schedule your next dental appointment while you’re at it, and check it all out while you’re there.

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