The acai bowl craze in Birmingham including City Bowls and Frutta Bowls

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Accommodating guests at grand opening| Photo courtesy of Frutta Bowls-The Summit Facebook

It’s no secret that the acai bowl has dominated not only the trendiest diet crazes in Birmingham, but also our Instagram feeds.  Find out why.Colorful photos of fresh strawberries and blueberries drizzled with peanut butter are all over social media, and many Birmingham natives are wondering: what is this thing, and where can I find one?

What is acai?

Acai (for those, like myself, who’ve been guessing, it’s pronounced ah-sigh-EE), is one of the healthiest berries out there, and is the base for these smoothie bowls. This superfood looks like frozen yogurt, and basically tastes like frozen yogurt.  With toppings varying from Nutella, coconut or honey, these bowls are basically a full balanced meal disguised as a guilty pleasure.

“The restaurant and food and beverage industry is trending towards convenience and health,” said Andrea Snyder of Farm Bowl + Juice Co.” And when you can offer those two things together, customers love it.”

The whole nation has latched on to this trendy new berry, and Birmingham is no exception.

Wondering where you can find them? Here’s a list of the coolest acai bowl restaurants in Birmingham:

City Bowls

We can all thank City Bowls for starting the acai trend and bringing this treasure to the ‘Ham. What started as a single food truck traveling all over the greater Birmingham area has evolved into a brick and mortar location in addition to two very busy trucks

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City Bowls is the inaugural Acai bowl destination in Bham| Photo courtesy of City Bowls Facebook

3036 Healthy Way Suite 100, Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35224 |(205) 848-7448

Farm Bowl + Juice Co.

Farm Bowl + Juice Co. opened at the beginning of 2018, and saw crazy success ever since. In addition to the fresh bowls, smoothies and juices served each day, Farm Bowl has a dainty wooden swing on the front porch AND a brightly colored blogger wall perfect for the Instagram influencer within all of us!

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Told y’all there was a cute wooden swing in the front| Photo courtesy of Farm Bowl + Juice Co. Facebook

1920 29th Ave S Homewood, Alabama 35209 | 205-848-2929

Frutta Bowls

Introducing Birmingham’s newest acai bowl restaurant, Frutta Bowls at The Summit.  This new addition to the Bham fam opened just last Saturday. Frutta has some menu items new to the area, including oatmeal bowls and kale bowls. We can’t wait to see what success Frutta Bowls will have here in the ‘ham! Wanna see a behind-the-scenes look at how these bowls are made? Check out the our Facebook Live video to see some VIP footage of Frutta Bowls!

225 Summit Blvd, Birmingham, Alabama 35244 | 205-969-5733

What’s your favorite acai bowl in Birmingham? Let us know!


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