Register to vote by July 2 for statewide primary runoff elections

Birmingham, Alabama, Register to Vote July 2 2018
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Alabama’s primary runoff elections on July 17, 2018, include the race between Republicans Twinkle Cavanaugh and Will Ainsworth for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor. Be sure to register to vote by July 2.

To rock the vote, you gotta register to vote.
Birmingham, Alabama, register to vote
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Monday’s July 2 voter registration deadline is fast approaching. If you’re not registered yet, do it now before you get a case of the Mondaze and forget.

Registering to vote in Alabama is as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Visit the Alabama Secretary of State website,
  2. Select the icon labelled Voting in Alabama, then Voter Registration.
  3. From there, choose Online Registration. Fill out and submit your form online, and you’re done!

You may also download and print a form, or request to have a form mailed to you via the Alabama Secretary of State website. However, to make Monday’s July 2 deadline for the primary runoff election, definitely opt for the online registration route.

Mark your calendars for July 17 to vote in the primary runoff election.

In addition to Cavanaugh’s and Ainsworth’s runoff for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor of Alabama, you’ll have other decisions to make when you case your ballot.

Stay tuned. Bham Now will have your guide to runoff candidates in Jefferson County soon!

Get ready for the big finish! General elections are November 6.
Birmingham, Alabama, governor, Kay Ivey, Walt Maddox
2018 Alabama gubernatorial candidates Kay Ivey (R) and Walt Maddox (D)

That’s when Alabama gubernatorial candidates Kay Ivey (Republican incumbent) and Walt Maddox (Democrat) will go head to head.

For a recap of June’s primary results, read this. Bham Now will keep you posted on more candidate wins and predictions, along with our 2018 general election voter’s guide. Sign up for Bham Now newsletters to make sure you don’t miss it.

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