The Bham Loft Show: the latest in the growing Birmingham music scene

unnamed The Bham Loft Show: the latest in the growing Birmingham music scene
All photos by Mary Fehr

Birmingham’s food scene is not the only one bursting with creativity, the music scene is growing with the addition of The Bham Loft Show! It is a  monthly show featuring musicians, artists, writers, centered around creativity.  Created for the community, by the community,  you will want not want to miss the next show.

History Of The Show

The Bham Loft Show (also known as “The Loft Show”) was founded in March 2017 by Birmingham locals, Josh Cox and Cat Hyman. For the first year of the show, it was held in a loft in the Phoenix building downtown. The original goal of the show was to showcase comedians in Birmingham. The hope was to share and open up an intimate, welcoming, safe place for people to work on and practice their jokes. However, Josh and Cat quickly realized that they knew zero comedians but knew several artists, musicians, and shop owners. The show took on a life of it’s own after that, evolving into a monthly show not limited to comedians but open to any and all forms of creativity. 

unnamed 1 The Bham Loft Show: the latest in the growing Birmingham music scene
All photos by Mary Fehr


In regards to what they hope to accomplish with each show, Josh and Cat said,

“Our immediate goal is still the same as when we began brainstorming for the show. We want our shows to be a safe, welcoming, supportive place for people to display their art no matter the medium. We want to build creative communities that support each other. Just in the year plus that we’ve been doing shows, we’ve seen multiple new shows pop up, which we wholeheartedly support. The more shows the better. There is a ton of talent in Birmingham that just needs a space to host them.”

Future Of The Bham Loft Show

Where will the Bham Loft Show be in a few years? It won’t be just simply the “Bham Loft Show” but will be “The Loft Show” taking place in multiple cities across the nation! In regards to the long-term goal(s) of the show, Josh and Cat said,

“We want to spread this infrastructure to cities that are lacking it and have a need for it, which we’re finding is a lot of places. The overall goal is to give more platforms to more people to do what makes them happy. It’s as simple as that.”

Josh and Cat are already tackling that goal with their recent announcement that the show is expanding to Louisville, Kentucky to showcase the talent of Louisville. The first show in Louisville will be on June 22nd. 


  • Currently the Birmingham shows are being held at MAKEBhm in Avondale
  • Every show has a $7 cover charge – every penny of the $7 goes to the performers
  • The next show is on June 29th at MAKEBhm
  • For more information/future showtimes visit and visit their Instagram @bhamloft 
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