Birmingham’s Motivated Movers’ 7 simple tips to make moving easy, pain-free

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Packing and moving…at some point in your life both of these things will likely be necessary. You might have heard accounts of stressful, even problematic moving experiences.

Those stresses can be eased with good planning, preparation, and with help from a professional moving company.

The services of the licensed, experienced Motivated Movers can alleviate a lot of the headaches and heartaches of moving, and make it the exciting new adventure it ought to be.

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Ten years of service

Since 2008 Motivated Movers has served the Birmingham area with reliable expertise and careful professionalism. Motivated Movers can do it all from packing and moving; they show up when scheduled and get your precious items moved safely and quickly.

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7 Do’s and Do Not’s Motivated has put together to make things go smoothly with your move.
  • Purge your home: Take this opportunity to start fresh. Go through random drawers and closets and toss the stuff that has cluttered your home for years. Donate clothing and furniture you don’t want.
  • Make a clear path: Make sure once your boxes are packed that there is a clear path for the moving crew to move quickly in and out of the house. Remove small rugs and floor mats so they don’t prohibit clear walking space.
  • Strategic labels: Mark boxes, furniture and rooms with corresponding numbers. It might sound like overkill, but it’s not! This helps movers get the items to the correct rooms, cutting down the time, and you won’t be left with a jumble of boxes in the wrong rooms.
  • Get ready: Have artwork, photos, lamps and TV’s ready for pick up. Stand your framed pictures on the floor against a wall. Unplug your TV’s securing the wires in a labeled box or bag. Unplug your lamps and wrap the cords around the base.
  • Know your floor plan: As movers bring furniture into your new home, know where you want it placed. This will help cut down time and allow the movers to work quickly, efficiently and without hesitation.
  • ‘Smart-Pack” boxes: Pack boxes according to the weight of the items. Books go in the smallest boxes. Lighter items, like linens, go in bigger ones. Make sure you clearly mark “fragile” on the boxes containing breakable items. If you’re wondering about packing efficiency, call Motivated Movers for tips, they have expert advice on packing it all up! -(205)995-7585.
  • Secure your critters: You might not think about the family pets in all this activity. Be sure they are secured and safe, not free to run in and out, or tangle up in the mover’s feet!
Motivated Mover’s happy customer. Photo: Motivated Movers.

As you plan your move, remember that a trusted local company that’s experienced, licensed and insured can be well worth the cost. After all, these are your VALUABLES being moved! Time is money. Being prepared helps cut down costs for you, the homeowner.

“We recently moved my 89-year old mother from a town-house to a walk-in apartment. I must say that John Bell and Todd Millsap were incredible to work with. They worked hard and fast. Nothing was broken and everything was put back together correctly. They also were kind to my mother. I actually asked for their last names so I could give them credit for their excellent job.” Patricia Simpson, Birmingham customer.

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