Birmingham brewer Ghost Train’s Stout Side of the Moon now in 4 packs


Ghost Train Brewing Co. is one of the best known local brewers to hit the Birmingham food and beverage scene. An interesting new stout, Stout Side of the Moon 13.9ABV has been released in nifty four-packs by Ghost Train.

Get this velvety smooth brew with soft flavors of chocolate and subtle malt notes in this 4-pack configuration while it lasts. Visit their shop, beer works and tasting room at 2616 3RD AVE S.

“This imperial chocolate milk stout is fermented with lactose, and we add chocolate during secondary fermentation, leaving this beer with a viscous mouthfeel. We brew this beer with enough hops and roast to balance out the sweetness.” Ghost Train.

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Ghost Train Brewing Co. is a family-owned brewery and has been involved in the Birmingham craft beer scene for a while now. They create unusual recipes and have become one of the staples of this city’s brew scene.

Check out this review of Stout Side of the Moon from local beer expert, Johnathan Skeen of The Beerdiful Beer Reviews. Jonathan’s review will make you want to run out and grab a new 4-pack right away!

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The packaging is dope!

Part of the fun of craft beer is the cool packaging. Ghost Train has unique graphics that are clean, clever and make sense. Check out their cans, local artists have helped this local brewery make its mark on the beer world.

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If you like a velvety smooth, creamy stout like Stout Side of the Moon, or a sour with a bit of bite and a fruit zing…Ghost Train has you covered.

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If you are into sours, Ghost Train has my personal favorite, the Boysenberry Smoothie sour! To me, it remains the holy grail of sour beers. This sour has the perfect tartness and then the addition of milk sugars to create a bit of thickness and creaminess to the beer.

You are more than likely local, so head over to their place, or visit their website to get the details on buying the new four pack. If you are not here in The Ham, check out this website with purchasing resources.

Congrats on the release, Ghost Train. Glad to see your star continue to rise!


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